Ed’s Job List is an e-mail-blast of job openings for of Life Science job opportunities. Positions are for Sales, FAS/FSE, Sales mgt and Mktg job in the BioTech R&D and CDx+MDx industry, categorized by regions in the United States and Canada. Read our FAQs for more info.

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  • "with EJL I don't have to upload a resume" [into a dark hole for my boss to find!] 'that's happened !
  • "don't have to 'start an account, or a "profile", just to receive ads for go-nowhere jobs that are completely irrelevant to me professionally"
  • "didn't know there were so many ReLO jobs to watch out for a person willing to move to a different state or region"
  • "EdsJobList exposes me to smaller companies that I might not consider in a traditional search...simply because I don't know they exist! Our industry changes so much, so fast; it is impossible to keep up with all of the potential employers."
  • recently a VP of sales recounted to this ListOwner how, a few years ago, he and 4 fellow rep colleagues at his previous job [a Reno, NV Liquid Handling company] "used scores of EJL jobs/salaries/postings to successfully 'lobby' their management to 'UP' all of their 'base salaries' in a more competitive way... using EJL to prove their company was 'lacking' in base-pay till that time"

Read many more testimonials that are educational, mentoring and very motivational letters to this ListOwner going back quite a 'spell' (aka: a few years)

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