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Ed Greene

Nine years a BioTech R&D Sales Rep (w/Princeton Separations a very small Freehold, NJ company) ListOwner was based out of San Diego with a 15 state territory ... retiring from this (my last 9-5 job) end of 2006!

10 years a "Clinical Diagnostic Sales Rep of Reagents and Profiling Diagnostic Instruments" (Worthington Diagnostics a NJ company)... often flying myself in a Cessna RG-177 or Mooney Exec to make sales calls in the SouthWest territory of 5 states/NM/AZ/TX/NV/SoCA .. all while living 'outa San Diego.

3 Years spent slaving away in "Employment Research Job Profiling Software" Sales (ERISS-San Diego)

Founder in 1999 (till last quarter 2008 ended my ownership) of 2 currently operating BioTech Vendor Groups for SoCA (SDCVG) & BAY area (BABVA) with >45 insurgent raucous very cool BioTech sales reps ...all of 'em less than half my age.

My EJL office now is a ''Calfornian 34 LRC'' 34' Long Range Fishing Trawler "SEA DUTY" aat at San Diego's Harbor Island Marina on San Diego Bay in Warm and Sunny San Diego

See the retired-out-to-pasture video of Ed 'going to work 9-5 at EJL on 'BEANS' from 2007 to 2014 when we lived a great life at 3 different San Diego marinas.

Read the hundreds of positive Testimonials Ed has received over the years from successful job seekers.

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