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Ed's Job List FAQ

EDSJOBLIST® e-mailings include these biotech job titles in the U.S. and Canada to EJL members whose skills match and include Job titles such as:

  • 100% Commish LifeSci Mfg Rep
  • Analytic Sales Rep
  • Analytical R&D sales job *lifesci R&D sales reps
  • Biotech R&D sales
  • CDx=Clin Diag Sales
  • Clin Diag Sales & Clin Diag Tech Support
  • CRO BizDev
  • Dir or VP Sales
  • Dir Sales
  • DirBizDev
  • FAS = Field Apps Scientists
  • FSE = Field Support Engineers
  • FSE for LifeSci
  • Imaging sales
  • Inside BioTech Sales Rep
  • Inside sales reps for BioTech and Analytic R&D, Diagnostic, MDx sales, CDx Sales and CRO jobs
  • LifeSci Enterprise S/W Sales
  • LifeSci Sales Acct Mgr
  • MDx sales
  • Microscopy-Imaging Sales
  • Mgr New Prod Plng
  • Mktg Mgr
  • Prod Mgr
  • R&D Sales Rep
  • RSM
  • Sales Mgt
  • Sales Acct Mgr
  • Sales Mgt
  • Sales, Mktg & FAS
  • Tech reps (application scientist FAS or FSE) plus Biotech R&D Marketing
  • Tech Support
  • Tech Support Mgt
  • TSS Tech Sci Specialist
  • VP BizDev
  • VP Mktg
  • VP or DirBizDev
  • VP Sales

Degrees Include:
Degree in LifeSci/BioTech/Analytic/Imaging/MedTech/Phys'Sci


  • This is ''not'' a public non-Science Job List! ... Think shhhhhhhh "SECRET-Private-LifeSci-rep-jobs-list" and you're gettin' close!
  • No Jobs are posted on the web
  • 'Inside Bench Scientist Lab-Rat' Jobs are never posted! Sorry, just not what EJL is about
  • Drug Rep/Pharma Rep Jobs are never posted! Sorry LifeSci/MedTech grads only
  • Medical Device Rep Jobs are not posted either! i.e. there're no jobs for reps selling knees, eyes or artificial brains.
  • EDSJOBLIST┬« is never distributed to others ... never sold or rented or shared! period!! no ads ...no Links ...
  • EJL is not a Lure or invitation to join anything! no social-net-stuff!...just Sales, Marketing and FAS/FSE JOBS in the R&D Biotech/Analytic/Imaging & Clinical Diagnostic community.
  • No ads, no list is ever sold.

Who is Ed? inquiring minds want to know??

Ed Greene was for more than 50 years a 'sales rep road warrior."
9 years a "BioTech R&D Sales Rep" [w/Princeton Separations a very small Freehold, NJ company] this ListOwner was based out of San Diego with a 15 state territory ... retiring from this [my last 9-5 job] end of 2006!

Before that for 10 years a "Clinical Diagnostic" [CDx] Sales Rep of Reagents and Profiling Dx Instruments'' [Worthington Diagnostics a NJ company}.[from '74 to '83] often f lying my own Cessna RG-177 [or I'd rent a Mooney 20 Exec or an old twin engine Beech Baron ] to make sales calls in the South'West territory of 5 states/NM/AZ/TX/NV/SoCA .. all while living 'out of San Diego. Earlier 3 Years spent slaving away in Employment Research Job Profiling Software Mostly 'inside' sales [ERISS-San Diego]

Founder in 1999 [till last quarter 2008 ended my ownership] of 2 BioTech Vendor Groups for SoCA {SDCVG] & BAY area [BABVA] with >45 insurgent raucous BioTech sales reps doing over a hundred table-top shows each year.

This EJL ListOwner [a U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran] a senior fossil, AARP member, retired and 'out-to-pasture' since end of 2006.
My EJL office is a 37' Long Range Fishing Trawler "SEA DUTY" afloat at the [5-Star] on San Diego Bay in Warm and Sunny San Diego w/my wife [of 50 years] Betty Jean [RN] a US Navy Nurse when we met in Japan during Vietnam.

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  • "with EJL I don't have to upload a resume" [into a dark hole for my boss to find!] 'that's happened !
  • "don't have to 'start an account, or a "profile", just to receive ads for go-nowhere jobs that are completely irrelevant to me professionally"
  • "didn't know there were so many ReLO jobs to watch out for a person willing to move to a different state or region"
  • "EdsJobList exposes me to smaller companies that I might not consider in a traditional search...simply because I don't know they exist! Our industry changes so much, so fast; it is impossible to keep up with all of the potential employers."
  • recently a VP of sales recounted to this ListOwner how, a few years ago, he and 4 fellow rep colleagues at his previous job [a Reno, NV Liquid Handling company] "used scores of EJL jobs/salaries/postings to successfully 'lobby' their management to 'UP' all of their 'base salaries' in a more competitive way... using EJL to prove their company was 'lacking' in base-pay till that time"

Read more testimonials that are educational, mentoring and very motivational letters to this ListOwner going back quite a 'spell' (aka: a few years)


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