Ed's Job List Testimonials

Educational, mentoring and very motivational letters to this ListOwner going back quite a 'spell' (aka: a few years)

After taking the Pennsylvania BIOGNOSYS [Inside Sales Rep] Job on 9 May 2022 Valerie H. said
Hi Ed! I wanted to thank you so much for making the job hunt seamless and direct. The transparency you provide for each posting helped me focus my search. Thank you for your help! Kind Regards, Valerie H.

After taking the Toledo, Ohio BIOMATTERS/ INSIGHTFUL SCIENCE [Enterprise Customer Lead/Sales Manager] Job on 25 July 2022 Christine B. said
Hi Ed, Ed's job list is my go to place for the best jobs related to my education and experience. When I see jobs listed here I can easily tell what the recruiter is looking for and if it's a good fit for me. Keep up the good work!! Best , Christine

After taking the Salt Lake City CDS ANALYTICAL [Field Sales Rep] Job on 19 September 2022 Angela W. said
Hi Ed, Your job list is the best of the best. I haven't applied to many jobs from your list, but of the jobs I've applied for I've received interviews from 75%. There is no other job site that will get you such a high return in the business or otherwise. Best, Angela

After taking the Texas LEINCO [Product Manager] Job on 12 September 2022 Melissa P. said
Hi Ed and Happy Friday! Thank you very much! I’ve been using your site for…… 7 years on and off. It’s 100% the best way to find life science jobs than anything else (LinkedIn alerts, Glassdoor, any of the other search engines for jobs). I think two of my last industry jobs came from your list. Long story short, I heard about you from my husband (in case you were wondering how I heard of your list - he’s also a science person) I’m enjoying my first week at Leinco - thank you very much and have a great weekend! Best, Melissa

After taking the Boston Based JACKSON LAB [Account Manager] Job on 3 October 2022 Mike K. said
Hi Ed, This list has been the most consistent and best for searching for sales jobs across the country. I really appreciate everything you and your team have done for me these past few years! Best, Mike

After taking the Seattle BIOHVT [BizDev Manager] Job on 24 October 2022 Candice H. said
Hello Ed, , I really appreciate the work you and your team are doing! I don’t think that I would have found this really good position with BioIVT without your help! I was able to confidently ask for a higher pay range than I received previously thanks to your [EJL’s] salary ranges. So I was able to keep my career moving upwards and onwards!!

For my job search, I was looking on Indeed, reaching out to colleagues at other companies, updating my LinkedIn to open (so recruiters could see me), as well as just applying online directly to specific company websites.

After reaching out and receiving the [past 4 months] archived jobs from you, I scoured those to get a better idea of salary ranges. Having specifically “Life Science” focused jobs sent through, really saves time as I could use your recruiter recommendations too!

The job from [EJL Recruiter] Jodi Wilkinson caught my eye first and I reached out to her for more information. She was wonderful to work with, by the way, she helped set me up interviewing with two different companies and was very responsive and helpful through the entire interviewing process. She was looking out for my interests and not trying to pressure me into taking one of the jobs that she was promoting. I have dealt with very “pushy” recruiters in the past and this was a welcome relief!!

BioIVT was the best fit out of the 4 jobs that I was interviewing for, so I accepted that position. I think the process took me around 2 months to get my new job, which is pretty fast!

So in short, your list helped me find a job faster and easier than traditional methods!

Thanks so much again, Candice

P.S. I also send your info over to any colleagues that may be looking for a new position!

After taking the Seattle SOLENTIM/ADVANCED INSTRUMENTS [Regional Sales Manager] Job on 5 March July 2022 Ngu Q said
Hey Ed, Advanced Instruments has been running me ragged starting up haha I really like your list… This way I can browse listings and apply for what interests me without having to waste peoples time… and or my own time having people calling all the time. Having nice and transparent salary range, territory, and job responsibilities right there is also great. I envy you not to be a job seeker =) Hopefully another 10-15 years I can enjoy life like you. Appreciate you and EDSJOBLIST! Thank you, Ngu Q

After taking the New Jersey based ASSAY QUANT [Regional Sales Manager ] Job on 2 May 2022 Jane L. said
Hi, Ed: Eds Job List was my primary job search resource and the jobs posted are the most relevant to me. The thing I love the most about it is you show the salary range. Best Regards, Jane

After taking the Texas based LUMENCOR [Sales Dev Rep] Job on 6 July 2022 Osman R said
Good afternoon Ed, I wanted to personally thank you for your job list service! After months of applying to the postings you provided everyday I was able to accept a job offer from a great company. Your advice about my LinkedIn and specifying my cover letter helped a lot in the process and I will recommend this service to my colleagues in the life sciences background. Career changes are scary but not with Ed’s Job List. Best regards, Osman R”

In LINKEDIN 4 September 2022 was this relevant posting from Cole Yancey who got a MidAtlantic EJL job [Clontech/Takara] back in 2017
I used to work in a lab. But I knew it was always only going to be a stepping stone. In the lab, you basically have two career paths: move up the ranks as a technical expert (Scientist I, II, III...) or take on a management role and go down that path. If you don't have a PhD, your ceiling is low on the science track. And management isn't for everyone.

So now what? I was in the same position. So I pivoted and went into the field. There are so many opportunities for bench scientists to move into a field based role. It can be daunting to break into a field role but these two resources helped me TREMENDOUSLY:

⭐EDSJOBLIST is an incredible email list run by Ed Greene. I was able to meet so many great recruiters through Ed's list (including Jodi Wilkinson and Ann Brooks who landed me my last two jobs plus EJL recruiter Glenn Davis.

If you're looking to get off the bench, be proactive and start connecting!

After taking the Pennsylvania based BRANDTECH [Inside Sales Specialist] Job on 31 January 2022 Jason M said
“Ed, I believe that this was the easiest method by far for getting a job. The job descriptions were also very clear and helpful for identifying roles, locations, and required skill sets. The recruiters who ask you to post the jobs are reliable and respond quickly. Sometimes the job I applied for were outside my experience, but a number of them would bring introduce another position that was more suitable for my skillset. For a while I had at least one interview or call with a recruiter each day. It made me feel desirable and gave me the confidence to find the job I was looking for. I am really happy with the help Steve Payne [EJL Recruiter] provided with connecting me to Brandtech. I also want to give Jodi Wilkinson [EJL Recruiter] 'props' because she introduced me to a number of potential employers as well. Once again thank you so much for this resource. It is better than any company website. Jason M. I Doctoral Candidate"

After taking the Oregon based QED BIOSCI [Sr. Dir Sales/Marketing] Job on 31 January 2022 Daniel S. said
“Hi Ed, As I'm sure you know, the job market has been quite good for our industry the last year or two. In my case with the QED role, I had actually been in talks with QED and their colleagues for over a year about the role. I knew them quite well, so it may not be the best example or case study. However, I've always very much liked Edsjoblist. Its a bit more analog than other based job searches. But from my perspective, there was always something very compelling coming into my inbox for the types of companies I was interested in. I've referred colleagues and friends to the list. I think now, I've grown a bit in seniority and the roles may not be as good a fit for me as they were several years ago, but it’s still interesting to see the postings. Quite often I can correlate a posted role I see advertised to one that is one your list. Cheers, Daniel S. “

After taking the Seattle based ACD/BioTechne [Biopharma Account Executive] Job on 17 January 2022 Jessica said
"Hi Ed, Kurt and Bill [ACD Managers] were and are fantastic! I spoke with several recruiters as well and they were also good. All other avenues were not as useful. Competitor announcements were not as highly tailored to what I was looking for. Also, I loved the last 16 weeks of posts and your tips. I proactively reached out to recruiters and that’s how I connected to Kurt and Bill. I would not have discovered ACD without EJL. Thanks, again! Best, Jessie A. “

After taking the Atlanta based OPENTRONS [Inside Sales Specialist] Job on 1 January 2022 Nicole C said
“Hi Ed, Jodi [EJL Recruiter Jodi Wilkinson] was great to work with. What I like most about EDSjoblist, is that all the information that would like to know ahead of applying for a new job is listed- location, requirements, and compensation. When applying for jobs on my own, they don’t always provide the compensation range, and that is very important to me. I also like how Jodi followed up and let me know when I can expect next steps during the interview process. Thank you, Nicole”

After taking the Texas based 908 Devices [Western States Sales Rep] Job on 15 November 2021 Craig Mc said
“Hello Ed, The service you provide is an exceptional way to meet legit recruiters and search open roles in biotech. Additionally, the volume of opportunities and listed salaries is a great tool to measure the job market for activity. I’ll continue to use your service and refer my colleagues to this awesome resource! Hope to see you at a future San Diego conference! Kind regards, Craig Mc”

After taking the Twin Cities based WATERS [Exec Sales Manager] Job on 8 November 2021 Katie K said
“Hey Ed, My experience with EDSJOBLIST has been great. Even when I’m not actively job-seeking, I still like getting the emails because I like knowing what kind of positions are out there and what the average $$$ is in the life science industry. One thing I really appreciate about EDSJOBLIST is that you always list the compensation range. This is very important for seasoned reps because we want to know if a position is worth applying for (as most of us are unwilling to take a pay cut or make a lateral move) in terms of overall compensation. I also appreciate how the travel requirements are always clearly stated- another big factor in deciding to apply for a position. I really enjoyed working with Evan Bernier [EJL recruiter] for the Waters ERA opportunity. He was quick to respond, very knowledgeable and super easy to work with. Thanks again for having me on the list! I hope you are doing well. Katie ”

After taking the Tennessee based BIO-RAD [Inside Sales Rep] Job on 1 November 2021 Daniel said
“Hi Ed, Thank you so much for your help. Found a great job through your recruiters. I received several more call backs than other job listing sites and many unique job listings. Thanks, Daniel D”

After taking the Maryland based CELLBOX [Biz Dev Manager] Job on 18 July 2021 Stephanie said
“Hi Ed, Ed’s Job List was the only method where I got a timely response. It was my first place to look at what opportunities were available and Jodi’s [EJL Recruiter Jodi Wilkinson] lead stood out for me. I sent my resumé and she responded quickly. Things were fast and smooth from there and I’m excited about starting my new role with Cellbox. Best, Stephanie D “

After taking the Boston based SENGENICS [Dir Global Marketing] Job on 1 May 2021 Katy said
“Hi Ed, Your list is very targeted. From both the job seeking and hiring side, I find that a lot of recruiters cannot/ do not differentiate between roles in pharma vs. diagnostics vs. tools and services. The skill sets/experience needed for sales, but particularly for marketing are very different. Best Regards, Katy M”

After taking the Maryland based STILLA [Biz Dev Manager - Mid Atlantic] Job on 10 May 2021 Tony R. said
"HI Ed, Great to hear from you. It has been a while since we met in person in Washington DC at the convention center! EDSJOBLIST offers the most pertinent information about job openings in our industry, provides an easy, informative and "one-stop shop" with the most opportunities for anyone interested in landing their next best sales role. Keep up the great work and thank you! Tony"

After taking the Quebec and Ottawa FROGGABIO [Sr. Territory Acct Manager] Job on 15 May 2021 Michel G. said
"Hello Ed, I've used Edsjoblist since 2014. I never gave up on it. I liked the list but it was heavily weighted for US-based opportunities. I've also used LinkedIn which is a great resource for Canadian opportunities. I've used others like Glassdoor and Indeed. These were sub-par sites to me. I guess my persistence paid off with Edsjoblist. best regards, Michel"

After taking the Southern CA Based SENGENICS [Regional Sales Manager/West] Job on 17 May 2021 George D. said
"Hi Ed, Your list and team of recruiters are awesome and professional. The list keeps me updated on new opportunities and is helpful topics when catching up with friends/ colleagues throughout the country. Thank you for helping with my new role. George"

After taking the Alabama Based OPENTRONS [Customer Success Manager] Job on 1 April 2021 Parrish P. said
"EDSJOBLIST is the best compared to other job search websites. I only received emails about life science job openings that I was interested in "(sales/marketing/FAS) all of which were focused in my region of the country. I sent my resume and got an immediate response from the recruiter. I am excited to be starting my new position as Customer Success Manager with Opentrons. Thank you for helping me find my next career path. All the Best, Parrish"

After taking the Boston Based TAKARABIO [Tech Sales Specialist] Job on 24 August 2020 Mike K. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you so much for your email list--it made job hunting incredibly easy! The majority of the jobs were applicable to me and gave me a great idea of what was available, even during this unprecedented time with covid. My previous job search was incredibly frustrating and your email list is magnitudes more effective. Have a great day, Mike"

After taking the Bay Area Based SARTORIUS [Project Manager Specialist] Job on 24 August 2020 Ademola H. said
"Hi ED, Few notes below:
1) Job descriptions were great and let me know whether I would be a good fit or not
2) Salary information was helpful as it helped eliminate jobs that I felt did not pay enough
3) Being able to contact the recruiters directly is a plus as well.
Thanks for creating such a great resource. Best, Ademola"

After taking the Los Angeles Based STILLA [Field Apps Scientist] Job on 17 August 2020 Fiona H. said:
"Hi Ed, Ed's job list definitely had the best quality jobs of all the different sources out there for the field I'm in and I really value that, especially during these "unique" times. I did get interviews and recruited via sources (LinkedIn, ziprecruiter, etc), but often they weren't in the salary range I was looking for or of the caliber I was seeking. With Ed's job list I felt the positions were appropriate, well-vetted, and from companies who were serious about placing someone in a position. Fiona"

After taking the SouthEast Based [UCT] United Chemical [Chromatog Tech Sales Rep] Job on 20 April 2020 Brenda H. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you also for making this scientific job based list available! ! Since 2010 I have always been impressed with your interest in creating and sharing this job list. I believe you have jobs posted that are either not obvious or maybe not posted on other job sites. The recruiters that followed up with me from your group were always professional and pleasant to deal with via phone communications. A number of them were willing to share feedback that helped me to better highlight my background information that they found of interest. Thanks! Brenda H"

After taking the Cleveland MEDGENOME [Executive Acct Manger] Job on 9 March 2020 Olga G. said
"Hi Ed, My experience with Ed’s Job List was fantastic! I received many more interviews compared to LinkedIn or Indeed. It was also nice to read updates about your life, such as trips with your grandkids. Thank you for all that you do to keep this list running! Best, Olga "

After taking the Texas METROHM [Regional Sales Manager] Job on 13 February 2020 Colin E. said
"Hi Ed, The experience I had with your jobs list was exceptional to say the least. The listings were way more targeted and relevant than other methods to my specific search, the recruiters were highly responsive and professional, and the outcome was quick and ideal, considering I got the job. You can bet I will be using your job list the next time I look for a job as well, because the experience was so positive. Thanks again! Regards, Colin E"

After taking the Houston AZURE [Field Apps Scientist] Job on 16 December 2019 Bao N. said
"Hi Ed! Thank you so much for your list! I was struggling to get into sales by conventional ways. I applied to VWR and Fisher and got many interviews but none came back with an offer. However, with your list, I got a few phone calls and the recruiters are very helpful. In fact, it was my first time working with EJL recruiter Jodi [Wilkinson] and she got me a job! The number one differentiator between your list and other conventional job listing is that yours shows the compensation publicly. Also, I trust recruiters are better at computers to keep everything confidential. Thank you again and have a happy holiday! Bao N."

After taking the New England POLYPLUS [Regional Sales Manager] Job on 7 October 2019 Phylis M. said
"Hello Ed, forgive my delay in responding, I was actually in France training for my new job. Your "jobs list' makes it very easy to find opportunities in the industry! one simply needs to determine if the ad is for the area they want to work in, look down into the details and learn if your background fits what they are looking for, it has the info filtered so the search is faster and more efficient. thanks for putting this service together, keep up the good work. although, I hope to be with Polyplus-Transfection for a long time! Phyllis"

After taking the Georgia BENCHLING [Field Apps Scientist] Job on 30 Sept 2019 Nalini Y. said
"Hi Ed, To be completely honest, I love the information that you collect and disseminate. It is all very clear and hits all the important points that I look for when searching for a job, especially the compensation, travel, benefits, etc. that are often not mentioned elsewhere. I really liked knowing how much the target income would be for a position, as that greatly influenced whether I wanted to bother applying. I feel like the service you are providing is far superior to any other in this category. Thanks, again, and keep up the good work! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. Sincerely, Nalini Y."

After taking the San Francisco Bay Area BIOTEK [Sales Rep] Job on 9 Sept 2019 Diana B. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you I love your list!
1. Relevance
Ed's Job list is more specific than websites - every time I get the email I know it is for relevant positions (it's not always the case with recruiters/websites)
2. Transparency
The descriptions always include salary range and crucial quality of life stats (% travel time etc.) - much more transparent than regular job boards.
Kind regards, Diana"

After taking the Houston ISOPLEXIS [Regional Sales Manager] Job on 1 April 2019 Luis A said
" Hi Ed, First I wanted to thank you for having such a phenomenal list serve. It really helped to see which jobs were available and what the going rates were across the country. I also feel that you have a fantastic group of recruiters that are looking for talent to place in a vast number of companies. I feel like I got more traction in the three months I was using your list serve than I have ever been able to do on my own or through other "head hunting" companies.
Thank you again for making people like [EJL Recruiter] Trudy Giese available to a job hunter like me. I know that in speaking with job hunters in other fields they wish that they could get the same sort of hits that I got. All the best, Luis A"

After taking the Ohio SEPAX [Field Sales Acct Manager] Job on 9 April 2019 Randy L said
" Hi Ed, Thank you for the kind note and congrats on such a successful hobby. To be honest, I was ready to retire and learned about trading options to supplement my retirement. Two daughters and 2 weddings have forced my hand (into reemployment) and i am happy to say that your list was instrumental in my job search. I have worked with a lot of recruiters, many are good, many are not but they all will promote multiple candidates. Always feels a bit uncomfortable to me, when i work with recruiters under those circumstances. That is the beauty of your list; we all have the same starting point with your leads. No middle man feeding information or misinformation and we get to talk directly to the HR dept or hiring manager. Your list has been most helpful to me over the years.. Thank you for what you do!!"

After taking the Southern California KUHNER-SHAKER [Tech Sales Engineer] Job on 9 January 2019 Annie N said
Hi Ed, Of course it was a great experience because I would have not been able to find the position at Kuhner without Ed's Job List. I love the EJL has all the details to the position, requirements, expectations, and salary ranges. It's all my questions answered in one posting and if I like it I could apply directly. Also, most of the listings are for long-term, permanent positions instead of contract work like other recruiting services.
Thank you for the experience and helping me find a great job! Sincerely, Annie "

After taking the Boston BIO-RAD [Genomics Specialist] Job on 1 September 2018 Aron said<
"Hi Ed, So far the new job is great. Big transition from the bench to sales. For research jobs, applying directly from the institution website has been adequate. However, EdsJoblist has been an indispensable resource for the business side. Both times I have looked at sales or FAS positions, applying to postings on the list have resulted in responses in just a few days. In the interim, it was also useful to see what was out there to build a perspective on where to direct my career. Keep up the good work! Aron G."

After taking the Boston RAININ [Tele Sales Repr] Job on 1 July 2018 Scott S said
"Hi Ed, I would like to start off by saying your list is amazing! I used a lot of generic job sites, indeed, career builder, Glassdoor... etc. None of them could compare to your list in regard to biotech sales positions. A lot of the time the jobs are ambiguous and you get spammed with unrelated jobs. I really enjoy that your list has made it much easier for life science job hunters to find the type of job they are qualified for, and to apply for these roles actually knowing what your job reqs / salary expectations for that position may be. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to be a part of your list. Best, Scott S.

After taking the Las Vegas M2P [Sales Manager] Job on 1 August 2018 Jeff T said
"Hi Ed, FYI, I was on your 'list' in 2004/2005 when I worked for Sequenom in Torrey Pines. Your site is truly the best for job seekers in my opinion and experience. I have had more success getting interviews via 'Ed's Job List' than any other method, hands down. And, I thank you! Maybe one day, I too will live on a boat in San Diego Bay! Thanks again for all that you do and best of luck in the future. cheers, Jeff T"

After taking the Bay Area BIO-TEK [Tech Sales Consultant] Job on 4 June 2018 Rocio G. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you, I think Ed's job list was much much more personal. I almost always received some sort of confirmation that my resume was received, and the recruiters were absolutely fabulous about being transparent and follow up. I enjoyed using it more than other sites where I felt like my resume was being lost amongst the masses and was only using Ed's specifically when I began seriously open to considering positions. Rocio"

After taking the North Carolina OMEGA BIO-TEK [Tech Support Specialist] Job on 29 June 2018 Frank Y. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for your wonderful mailing list. I could not find a job without it. I applied a position on Edsjoblist and immediately had two rounds of interviews. Although I did not get the original job, when there was another position opening up, they thought of me and hired me in no time. Edsjoblist is transparent and positions are for real, I highly recommend it.

After taking the San Francisco Bay Based RAININ [Inside Tele Sales Rep] Job on 1 June 2018 Eric M. said
"Hi Ed! I'm very thankful that you put in the WORK to assemble this List as it was such a breath of fresh air compared to what else was out there during my search. The Job LIST was preferable in my search since it was direct and straightforward. You knew that the jobs were available and that there was a human being actually looking at resumes to assess the quality of the candidate. Since I recruited myself for 5+ years I knew how important it was to get eyes on a resume. Lot's of websites are just giant black holes for them and simply exist as marketing tools these days. Your Job LIST made me nostalgic for my Agency Recruiting Days - before the monster of LINKEDIN took over and somewhat dehumanized and delegitimatized the Recruiting Industry. I think for such a specialty industry (that is also more high-touch I would say) like Biotech/Pharma, etc - job boards like this are critical to job seekers. I found that the Industry on a whole, perhaps it is just my location, does not have the reach for job marketing that Big Tech has. Thus the "signal" is difficult to find within the "noise". Again, I am very thankful that you put all this together, and reached out to me! Please let me know if this helps or want to chat sometime. Sincerely, Eric M."

After taking the Southern California PHENIX/THOMAS [Sales Rep ] Job on 21 May 2018 Tom L. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you! I love using 'Ed's List' because it filters out all of the non-biotech sales positions I get bombarded with using other methods. Most of the time, it also provides me with a direct line with the company instead of working with recruiters, which simplifies the process by quite a bit. I get contacted at least a few times a week by recruiters on LINKEDIN, however, many times they want to discuss a position that is only tangently related to Biotechnology and life science. Best Regards, Tom"

After taking the Seattle SARTORIUS [Media Project Manager Specialist ] Job on 19 April 2018 Robyn said
"Thanks Ed!!! I did your trick [-email all the EJL recruiters-] and I landed 2 interviews in less than a week of contacting them!!!! This being one of them! Honestly, when coming back into the field after my time abroad I didn't consider anything else, you do such an awesome job and have great quality recruiters on your list that you were my only source I considered. Case in point, I got an offer from my #1 choice. The other was an equally good position but this one is a near perfect match with my background.
Thanks again for keeping this list going! It's an invaluable resource in more ways than just getting a job. All my best, Robyn H."

After taking the Atlanta NANOTEMPER [Field Apps Specialist] Job on 15 May 2018 Shariya T. said
"Hello Ed, I wanted to thank you for your dedication in creating and maintaining EJL. I could not agree more with Bob P. as EJL was the only resource that helped me get multiple interviews for these sales positions (I couldn't even get that far using LINKEDIN or submitting applications online through company referral systems).
Additionally, getting the opportunity to work with the recruiters during the interview process and receive their insights and feedback was of great value to me. EJL helped this 'lab rat' get my foot in the door and land an awesome position at an innovative and successful biotech company in a little over four months time.
I will continue to recommend EJL to anyone that is seriously looking for one of these LifeSci jobs, this listserv is an absolute gem. Thank you again and take care! Cheers, Shariya T."

After taking the Boston BD [Reagent Specialist] Job on 16 April 2018 Bob P. said
"Hi Ed, I do remember seeing you at AACR. Your Joblist was the only thing that worked for me. I tried LINKEDIN and INDEED [as well as headhunters] but your Joblist got me multiple interviews. I found that I needed to apply "two or three times to any given job before they noticed me" but I got responses from most of the EJL listings I applied to. Thanks very much for your help Bob P."

After taking the BIO-RAD job in LAX [Technical Support Consult] on 13 March 2018 Sergio M. said
"Hello Ed, EDSJOBLIST was problably the single most important job seeking resource for me, and the most effective at getting interviews and concrete job leads. I knew that when I submitted a resume to someone from the list it went into the hands of a human being that had a big say on if I got to the interview or got hired. Often this was the recruiter that then sent it directly to the hiring manager, or sometimes it was to the hiring manager directly. So thanks, it was a big help, especially for someone that wanted to find a good position sooner rather than later.
I have referred several of my Ph.D.-level colleagues to Eds Job List. Hopefully one of these days I can meet you in person, if you still go to Life Science trade shows or anything like that. Cheers, Sergio"

After taking the HEMACARE job in Southern California [National Sales Director] job on 29 January 2018 Robyn K. said " Hi Ed! I find your service far superior to other methods of job searching as it does the work for me. I wasn't even truly looking for a new opportunity, but I saw the posting for the National Sales Director position at Hemacare come through my inbox, and it caught my attention. I never would have encountered it had I not been a member of your list.
In addition, the list exposes me to smaller companies that I might not consider in a traditional search...simply because I don't know they exist! Our industry changes so much, so fast; it is impossible to keep up with all of the potential employers.
On a complete random side note - I remember on a post several years ago that you mentioned you were raised in Mt. Vernon, IL - I grew up in Southern Illinois and am also a proud graduate of Mt. Vernon High School. My family still lives in the area so I go back several times a year.
Again, thank you so much for the service you provide! With kind regards - Robyn"

After taking the USA SCIENTIFIC job in SouthEast [Intrn'l Sales Specialist] job on 27 November 2017 Leonardo V. said
"Hi Ed Greene, Thank you very much. Unbelievable, your website is the best! I love your YouTube video "Going to work 9-5 at EDSJOBLIST"
The recruiters I met in your website are the most helpful, skillful and respectful recruiters I have ever met. I worked closely with [EJL Recruiter] Kandi Williams for a couple of positions and she was outstanding. I believe our conversations helped me get the job with USA Scientific.
Other websites, recruiters will rarely get back to you after an interview or worse, will never get back to you after sending a resume. EDSJOBSLIST rocks and I highly recommended.
Happy New Year! &#128522; Leonardo"

After taking the CLONTECH/TAKARA job in Atlanta [Sales Rep] job on 10 Sept 2017 Kunj P. said
"Hi Ed your list is a Goldmine for people looking for sales or field application position in life sciences. I will rank Edsjoblist on the top. It should be the first source for anybody who is looking for these jobs. your recruiters are very professional and committed to the candidates and are recruiting for the top companies. In fact I didn't use any other website for my job search. I want to congratulate you for running this list. I am surprised that you have kept this free. I would not hesitate to pay a monthly fee to access this database. Thanks a lot. Kunj"

After taking the ARRIVAS in North East [BizDev Manager] job on June 2017 Bryan. said
...."Hi Ed, I found your website to be the single best tool I had in my job search and I am thankful I was referred to it two years ago.
....Working with recruiters is far for effective than cold-call networking or online job searches and your list provides a framework for the recruiter-candidate interaction.
....Thank you for all your hard work in helping candidates find jobs. Best regards, Bryan A."

After taking the GENSCRIPT in Texas [Sales Account Manager] job on 19 June 2017 Jennie R. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for EDSJOBLIST! It is such a wonderful resource!
EDSJOBLIST is better than INDEED and Linkedin because it is a lot more specific to the life science world and the same recruiters use it a lot so you get to know them and if you did not get one opportunity, they might keep you in mind for the next.
I really enjoy seeing what is out there too, even when I am not looking, to understand what companies are looking for in a qualified candidate.
Thank you again! Have a wonderful day! Please keep up the great work! Sincerely, Jennie R."

After taking the BUCHI in Massachusetts [Sales Rep] job on 5 July 2017 Fei W. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you so much for providing this platform for recruiters and job seekers to communicate!
I have had mostly positive comments for EdsJobslist. Chris Avron is a very professional EJL recruiter that I would recommend to all. He put in hard work and was there with me every step of the recruiting process and still maintains contact with me. I have worked with [EJL Recruiter] Olga Shamraj before and she is also very professional and good to work with.
Some of the main advantages of EdsJoblist are:
Transparency about salary ranges (important to job seekers and must be paid for with LinkedIn). This definitely makes the job search process more efficient because both job seeker and employer are within range on this key factor.
Fast turnaround time for recruiters that wish to work with you.
High quality companies including many with great reputation in their industries.
Again, thank you for providing this platform. It is a great free asset and I hope it can help many others. If there's any other questions, let me know. Fei "

After taking the MAXCYTE in Boston [Senior Sales Rep] job on 12 July 2017 Andy L. said
"Hello Ed, Just wanted to let you know that I just received the formal offer yesterday for the first job I responded to on your listing. In working with the [EJL] recruiter, Jodi Wilkinson, after just a month of receiving listings I was able to land the dream job of all dream jobs with a company that matches my style, culture and ethics perfectly. I couldn't have done it without the tireless work of yourself and Jodi and wanted to send a note of thanks. Warmest Wishes, Andy L. "

After taking the HAMILTON ROBOTICS in Chicago [Field Apps Scientist] job on 5 June 2017 Cole Y. said
"Hey Ed, I just wanted to reach out and express my gratitude for the service that you provide through this job list. Less than two months ago I joined this job's list and since then have had countless phone interviews with recruiters as well as hiring managers that I wouldn't have ever been possible through tradition online applications. On top of that, I accepted an FAS job with Hamilton Robotics this past week that was posted on EJL! This is a huge step in my career and I am very excited for this opportunity. So, keep up the great work! Thanks, Cole Y."

After taking the PERKIN ELMER in Cleveland/Akron, Ohio [Quantitative Pathology Sales Specialist] job on 24 April 2017 Lily R. said
"Hi Ed! Wouldn't you know, I actually wasn't looking for a job when I spotted the job posting for PerkinElmer. I have been a silent "watcher" for the past years (10 years...really???), and on occasion, when I saw something relevant to a friend or colleague, I passed it along. However, earlier this year, I was sitting with travel delays at the Fargo, ND, airport (yes, delays due to snow and bad weather), and I saw the EJL posting. I realized that the posting described a job I really want! Having your EdsJoblist is fortuitous, because you've helped me keep my options open with new opportunities...even when I did not know to look for any. I like receiving your list and seeing what is available out in the world...because really, there is a tendency to get sucked into the little work bubble and forget to look up and see what is out and about.
.....Thanks so much for doing what you do...I actually had my "face-to-face" interview at AACR meeting in DC which you also attended. I didn't get to look for you and meet you, but I mentioned to one of the interviewers that I saw the posting on EdsJoblist...immediately and with a lot of excitement, the interviewers told me you were at the meeting and they think you are AWESOME! Thank you again, and best wishes, Lily R."

After taking the ELEMENTAR AMERICAS in Virginia [Field Svc Engineer] job on 25 April 2017 Braxton W said
"Hey Ed, I wanted to send you an email about how your job postings helped me find a new job! I recently accepted a job offer with Elementar Americas Inc. for the Field Service Engineer position. The advice in your initial emails helped me get on the phone with twice or maybe even three times more companies than any other job posting service. Please extend my thanks to your whole EJL team and let them know (and yourself) that they are making a difference out in the job hunting world! I will never forget your job posting service and will keep spreading the word of your services. Thanks again!
Braxton W." [ Ed's note here... there is no 'team' Since 1999 EJL has never been more than 1 person... Ed!]

This LISTOWNER meets thousands of EJL members every year as I attend Conventions and Trade shows all across North America
....at AACR in Washington DC on 2 April 2017 I heard a story that was quite was "SHOCKING".. I was almost speechless.
....as usual I was in the AACR exhibit hall, cold calling, hustling jobs [from AACR Exhibitors to post to EJL members] when I came upon a young lady manning her booth solo
....I introduced myself.. UPON learning I was the LISTOWNER of EJL she said
...." How nice to meet THE "ed greene" and I want to thank you for what happened to me due to your job list". [she continued] '' last year I was reading your daily job postings, when I soon realized I was READING A POSTING OF MY OWN JOB" [ for a different city as my company was expanding into new territories ].... "but as I read the job I realized the BASE pay for this new rep was going to be $30,000 more than my own company was paying me! "needless to say I was stunned!! Needless to say I was very angry! ....
I collected my thoughts and very soon was in our corp office in a meeting with my boss" AND SO ANGRY I WAS PREPARED TO QUIT!
.....She sez "what happened was that I came out of that meeting with a $40,000 bump to my own base salary" Needless to say I'm very happy that all EJL job postings reveal Salary/commission in every job empowering me to better my salary. thank you ed "

After taking the CISBIO Philly [Inside Sales Rep] job on 30 January 2017 Paul N. said
"Hi Ed. You, and my friend Sean, really were a huge help! I think the benefit of Eds Job list was that it allowed me a very refined list of opportunities. I new that 1x a day, I would get at least 1 or 2 jobs that I could apply for that were very close to what I wanted.
I used Indeed.com as well, which was helpful, but too difficult to successfully search for what I wanted. (Granted, what I wanted changed often!) Very thankful for your site! Wishing you continued success! Paul"

After taking the STEMCELL Minnesota [Tech Sales Specialist] job on 14 February 2017 Eu H.L. said
"Hello Ed, First of all I really want to thank you for setting up EJL and what it has become today. EJL is very effective because of the way it is setup. Job seekers get in touch directly with the recruiters and the recruiters provide really good feedback. The speed of an application is also much faster on EJL in comparison to applying directly through a company's website and other job boards (LinkedIn etc.) Other than that, THANK YOU! I really LOVE the company I am working for now. Best, Eu H L Ph.D."

After taking the BPS BIOSCIENCE Boston [Sales Mgr] job on 1 Narch 2017 Wendy C. said
"Hi Ed, I found EDSJOBLIST to be helpful because I liked that it said the salary range, as well as the details about the job. If I saw a job for $35K, I knew it wasn't worth it to apply as it would be too low of a salary. I also liked that it was more on my terms, for example I could just keep an eye out for new jobs and apply to ones that sounded good. I liked that
I didn't have to fill out a long questionnaire with a password just to apply for a job.
Overall it was easy to apply to the jobs from your listing. Thank you for setting this up! I wouldn't have heard about this amazing job without your site. Best wishes, Wendy"

After taking the PACIFIC BIO SoCA [Sr. Sales Specialist] job on 16 January 2017 Keith C. said
"Hey Ed, Your list is an indispensable tool for job seeking. I find it to be the most comprehensive source around. Many thanks for the service you provide! Hope to see you around soon! Best, Keith"

After taking the AUSHON BIOSYSTEMS San Diego [Sr. Acct Mgr] job on 27 February 2017 Yiva E. said
"Hi Ed, I wanted to personally thank you for keeping the Eds joblist going! I had only returned to your list for a week when I saw the posting from Trudy [EJL Recruiter] about the senior account manager posting for the west coast. I applied, and all went very fast, and now I have the job with Aushon Biosystems! I'm very excited! Thank you again, and hoping to see you around sometime soon! All the best Yiva"

After taking the SPECTRUM CHEMICAL Miami [Acct Sales Exec] job on 16 January 2017 Michael H. said
"Hey there Mr Ed Greene!!!! I am very happy with my new job at Spectrum Chemical and appreciate the fine work you do on your List Service to get the word out to us job seekers!!!
I definitely think you have the leading platform for people such as myself seeking jobs in scientific marketplace and always hold your site as the first go-to when needing to look and peruse.
All in all you are providing us scientific sales professionals a fantastic place to look for job opportunities in the industry. Thank you! Sincerely Michael H."

After taking the CLONTECH Minnesota [Inside Sales Rep] job on 17 January 2017 Mark T. said
"Hi Ed, First, Ann Brooks [EJL recruiter] was fantastic! She really helped me prepare for the job interview. Having no sales experience myself, I needed some prep to get ready. I like how this list is specific to Life Science sales. There is no need to filter and/or sift though jobs that don't fit what I am looking for. thanks Ed! Mark"

After taking the FISCHER TECH South'East [Sales Engineer] job on 3 January 2017 Bill B. said
"Hi Ed, Your list was an outstanding way to connect with the recruiter looking to fill the role that I was seeking. I also connected with other recruiters through your website during my search and found the process to be the most practical way to look for sales positions in my territory. Regards, Bill"

After taking the PROTEINTECH Southern CA [Tech Sales Rep] job on 20 October 2016 Sally K. said
"Hi Ed Pleasure meeting you as well! Sandy M referred me to your list in Sep 2016 and I was able to find a job in October 2016 thanks to your help!
I haven't used other job search websites much, mostly indeed and LinkedIn but I definitely liked yours above all because it specifically searched for life tech sales jobs that I am most suited for. You also had right amount of details for me to know right off the bat if I would like the job or not. Thanks again Sally K"

After taking the BIO-RAD Northern CA [Tech Support Mgr] job on 30 Sept 2016 John M.. said
"Hi ED: EJL has a community feel to it, I am not a Millennial so place value in that; it also allows seekers to look at recruiter names and as a way to connect with job opportunities.
With this being an election year and hiring being so unpredictable having an actual contact is invaluable, LinkedIn is good for people to seek you out but EJL adds value from the outside in (opposite direction). I think EJL compliments searches and also good for moderately experienced applicants.
[EJL Recruiter] Steve Payne specifically; I liked working with the guy, he respectfully put me through the screening process and was available when I needed him. a good guy. Best from Nor Cal Appreciated John"

After taking the HEMACARE Boston [BizDevMgr] job on 18 April 2016 Kimi N.. said
"Hi Ed! Thank you for the awesome job database. [EJL Recruiter] Jodi Wilkinson was amazing. She's the best recruiter I have worked with during the job process! I think your site is brilliant and easy to navigate to find what you are looking for. HemaCare couldn't be a more perfect fit and I never would have found this opportunity without your page. On linkedIn and company websites, it just doesn't inspire you to try something new. Those pages don't stimulate you daily with opportunities that you would't have thought of for a career path or sales position. You made me think outside the box. I was set on capital equipment and ended up in biologics. LOVE my job!
Thank you so much! All the best, Kimi N"

After taking the LAXCO Atlanta [Mfg Sales Rep] job on 28 July 2016 John H.. said
"Ed, I am impressed with the high caliber opportunities that EDSJOBLIST generates. I would describe it as one of the most professional and respected within the BIOTECH community. Thank you for the services EDSJOBLIST provides for serious Biotech talented job seekers. John H."

After taking the NURNBERG SCIENTIFIC [Sales Rep] Bay Area job on 7 July 2016 Melissa V.M.. said
"Eds list is specific to biotech sales. Every other list bombards one with pharma sales. Melissa van M"

After taking the COLE-PARMER [Field Sales Rep] Bay Area job on 18 July 2016 Laura S.. said
The best thing about your website is that you list the salaries and most of the benefits right off the bat and also the requirements. That saves me a lot of time and I'm sure it also saves the hiring companies a lot of time as well. Thanks! Laura S."

After taking the LONZA [Inside Sales Rep] Maryland job on 14 March 2016 Meredith V. said
"Thank you, Ed! EDSJOBLIST was by far my favorite place to look for jobs! The job descriptions were SO much more straight forward than other places. I loved that salaries were listed so I wouldn't be wasting my time or the recruiters time by applying to jobs that didn't meet my salary requirements. Best regards, Meredith"

After taking the GILSON [Field Svc Tech] Philly job on 16 May 2016 Chris B. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for providing such a great service! EJL was a convenient and useful tool for finding a job. Many relevant jobs are sent out daily, and I was able to connect with [EJL Recruiter] Tom Russell, who was a friendly, energetic and effective recruiter. In general the response rate from using EJL was much higher than any other service I used and it was convenient to have postings sent diretly to my inbox. All the best, --Chris"

After taking the MOBIO [Reg Sales Mgr] RTP job on 25 April 2016 Michael S. said
"Hello Ed, in short...your job service is the bomb.... Seriously, You have the most active, targeted job search engine on the market and I say this regardless of my current hire status. You would be my first resource when I look for my next job. Wishing you calm seas and high regards, Michael S"

After taking the TSE SYSTEMS [Sales Rep] San Diego Area job on 18 April 2016 Christina E. said
"Hi there Ed. I have nothing but great things to say about Eds Joblist! Once I got the hang of how to respond to the postings appropriately, I was able to use it productively. I got lots of interviews and finally a position with TSE through my rigorous 5 month process of looking for positions! Thanks for the help and I am sure I will see you in the future. Christina"

After taking the LAXCO [Mfg Sales Rep] Bay Area job on 27 July 2016 Jon B. said
"Hi Ed, I remember our discussion that you are also a SIU grad. I hope you're enjoying your retirement on your boat. What a life I wish. Your Edjob's listings has helped in several ways in narrowing the area of search and getting in contact with recruiters that I wouldn't normally know. Thanks again for all your good work. Jon B."

After taking the [her 2nd EJL job] INTEGRATED SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS [Territory Manager] Bay Area job on 4 April 2016 Erin C.. said
"Hello Ed, Thank you so much for your note! My new position is with a company called Integrated Scientific Solutions, and I am absolutely thrilled to be joining their team. As usual, I couldn't have done it without Ed and his list! I get all my job information through Ed's Job List. When it was time to search for a new position I requested archives from Ed and also made sure my subscription was up-to-date so I could view new positions as they came up. I find Ed's list to be incomparable during the job hunt. All other job sites are overflowing with irrelevant, strange, or spam jobs. Ed vets all his postings and I know I am reading about genuine positions with current information. All of the best jobs end up on his list because recruiters and HR know it's THE place to reach out to qualified candidates. It is easy to use and jobs are delivered straight to my in-box. I recommend Ed's Job List to anyone who is serious about finding a job! Thank you once again Ed for your time and your help! Best, Erin C"

After taking the FITZGERALD SCIENTIFIC [FAS] Bay Area job on 21 March 2016 Carl M.. said
"Thanks Ed, Your job list has been an amazing resource for me to draw on. I ended up getting more interviews by replying to your postings than all other source combined. Thanks again for the help!
Best, Carl"

After taking the PHENIX [Quality/Tech Product Manager] North Carolina job on 16 February 2016 Phil W. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for the job listings. I think this list is an excellent resource. I was planning an Asheville move and only when I saw a listing for a job that was such a good fit for me did I begin (and promptly conclude) my job search in the area.
I will also put it this way, for 18 months I have been reviewing the postings and felt that none were an appropriate fit for me. The first and only time I was moved to contact the list, I quickly received the interview and job.
I would say this list and your recruiters are a wonderful asset to me and my cohorts in life sciences. Thanks a lot! Phil"

After taking the DENVILLE [sales rep] job on 10 January 2016 Isaac H.. said
"Ed, Edsjoblist was an invaluable asset in my career search. The daily emails I received with various job opportunities not only helped me better understand the industry that I was trying to enter, but it also help me better understand how to best market myself to these potential employers. There is a level of approachability to employers offered by Edsjoblist that is unlike any other career search forum that I've used before.
I have been on the list for 5 short months, but after applying myself fully toward my career search it took only 5 weeks to locate a solid lead the ultimately lead me to an offer that I accepted. Thank you for helping me find an exciting career in sales! - Isaac "

After taking the PERKIN ELMER [Account Manager] Chicago Area job on 11 February 2016 David S.. said
Hey Ed, Thank you very much! I am starting the new position this week; I am very excited! I have been a loyal EJL user for three of years and have referred countless colleagues to your list. While I will admit the formatting and "style" of the emails may seem a little old-fashioned for some, I think it is by far the best method of job searching in this industry. When you know what to look for and how to navigate the emails, EJL is the most "to the point" and concise out of any - and hooks you up with the recruiters QUICKLY and personally. None of the horrible fields to fill out and creating usernames/passwords/etc. All in all, I am a huge fan of YOURS and a huge fan of EJL and appreciate all you do for the LifeSci community. I wish you nothing but the best in your life and please, keep up the great work! I will always be a member as long as EJL is running! Thanks again, Dave"

After taking the ZYOMIC [Mfg Rep] Massachusetts job on 1 February 2016 James E... said
"Hi Ed, It was nice meeting you at ASHG this year. You stopped by the DNA Link booth. Yes. Eds Job list is my preferred source for job posting in my line of business. This is my third - and hopefully last - position I have obtained through EJL listings. Thanks! Jim"

After taking the MILTENYIBIOTEC [Tech Sales Consultant] Chicago job on 8 January 2016 Stephanie H.. said
"I love your list!! It's amazing. I found much better information and my resume was actually seen by a real person and not just fed into a database. I always recommend your list! Thank you for this amazing service! Stephanie"

After taking the POCARED [FAS] Bay Area job on 7 December 2015 Brad F. said
"Hello Mr. Greene, Thank you for your email. I have been receiving your job postings for several years and I was happy to come across this position from [EJL Recruiter] Patrice. I believe recruiters that use your site are often looking for people with more of a science background as well as Ph.D.'s. I do not have either so my experience has been positive but perhaps limited in scope because of my differing education. I'm a sales/numbers/high-level relationship guy. Fortunately I know how far my pay grade goes and when to call for help regarding a clinical discussion when the time is right during the sales process. I hope all of this makes sense. Your email list is easy to use, the postings and job requirements seem to be very accurate. I also appreciate how you post info in the subject line regarding location, position, salary etc. It make for a quick & easy scan.
For the record [EJL Recruiter] Patrice Bushhouse was a pleasure to work with. Should I find myself back in a management position in the future, I hope to work with her. For all you do, thank you and keep up the great work! Sincerely, Brad F."

=========Older that Oct 2015=========

After taking the AWG [Reg Tech Sales Manager] Bay Area job on 19 October 2015 Rob K. said
Hi there Ed, I've been neck deep in my great new job (thanks to you). You may not have made the connection, but I've also posted jobs to your board in late 2014 as a hiring manager at a company called Sensapex. In that case we didn't get exactly the candidate we wanted, but that wasn't your fault. I would say both as a hirer and hiree the experience was by far better than any other. &#8206;You connect employers with job seekers in a no-nonsense approach and then step out of the way and let things go from there. Can't ask for better. I actually just landed in San Diego - some weather you have here! I hope the boat's safe. All the best Ed, Rob K"

After taking the ESSEN [Sales Rep] Chicago job on 19 October 2015 Bret S. said
"Thanks Ed! Edsjoblist was very helpful during my job search and in eventually landing my current position at Essen. It was great to be able to communicate directly with recruiters who could put my resume in the hands of hiring managers. I believe this was especially helpful as a new graduate. Despite having a limited work history I was still able to get a chance to speak with hiring managers and make a positive impression, whereas it seemed much more difficult to make it to this stage on the applications I submitted through company websites. This meant that the time I spent applying for jobs from Edsjoblist postings was much more productive than other avenues. Thanks again for all your help and for running the list! Best wishes, Bret"

After taking [her 2nd EJL job] with VWR [Sales Rep] New England job on 1 September 2015 Shirleyanne A. said
"Hi Ed! A big THANK YOU! Your listing is the most useful listing compared to the other ones out there. I like your posts because they show the salaries associated with the job and you also post the territory coverage on the title. It's really helpful when my inbox is full of other emails. I wish you all the success in life and I will continue to recommend your listing to other people who might not know about it. Best Wishes, Shirleyanne A."

After taking the BECKMAN [Sales Rep] Southern California job on 12 September 2015 Brian I. said
"Hey Ed, Great to hear from you and many thanks for the congratulations. This is now the SECOND job I've taken on using the EJL service. [the first was 'inside sales' with SANGUINE] I can't thank you enough for what you're doing for us sales folks. Needless to say, EJL has worked very well for me (better than other job resources) Take care. Best regards, Brian I. "

After taking the ESSEN [FAS] NYC job on 27 July 2015 Yayyaba T. said
"Hi Ed: I like Ed's list because I found a job through it. It's that simple. I like that the recruiter information is included because it offers an opportunity to develop a personal relationship. I also like that not very many people know about the list because it helps to reduce my competition. The people who do know are in the field and generally provide proper guidance.
Kudos on a great set up and I admire your organization skills. The list is very user friendly and doesn't spam my email with ads for products. Nice to know you. If there is anything I can do for you on the east coast, please let me know. Best regards, Tayyaba T."

After taking the NANO TEMPER [FAS] Bay Area job on 8 August 2015 Govind S.. said
"Dear Ed, Thank you for your EJL list serve and the good wishes. The edsjoblist network is used by experienced and involved recruiters such as Kandi Williams, who I was very pleased to work with. I was fortunate to hear about edsjoblist from Virginia M. who is experienced in sales. Other job boards and websites are difficult to work with, especially given the volume of biotech jobs they carry. Those sources were mostly helpful for finding RnD positions versus sales and applications positions. Thanks again for putting this network and service together! All the best, Govind"

After taking the SARTORIUS - FAS - Toronto job on 21 July 2015 Anna Q. said
"Hi Ed, I have to say that edsjoblist is a lot easier to use and sign up for. The others were incredibly tedious, company specific, and you always would wonder if anyone is really looking at your resume. I like that your postings include who to contact directly. I actually saw the SARTORIUS posting elsewhere way back in March but didn't think much of it and I don't think I even bothered to apply until your blast came into my inbox. Thanks again! Jeff tells me you're constantly floating around on a yacht enjoying life - haha! Enjoy!! Have a great summer! Anna"

After taking a new job in July 2015 Matthew B. said
"Hi Ed, I recently got a job in LifeSci sales and discontinued my subscription to your service. Though I did not get my lead through Ed's Job List, I found EJL to be very helpful to me, so I wanted to give you some feedback. Most importantly EJL gave me an idea of what kind of salaries to expect which prevented me from being "lowballed" during the interviews. I am coming from an academic background so having an idea of what kind of pay I could expect for an equipment sales job was helpful. Secondly, it reinforced my decision to make the switch from research into sales -- just seeing so many postings (per DAY!) illustrated the demand for people with lab experience and a sales skillset. I am excited about my new career and I want to thank you for your help in helping me find it. Keep up the good work! Matthew B."

After taking the VEOLIA - Sales Rep - SoCA job on 21 July 2015 Jo Anne F. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for making it possible to secure my second job [in 2007] since you started your job site. Though it was a long time ago, I do recall meeting you at the Scripps show. I've kept up with Ed's Job List over the years because your site is specific to what I'm interested in and it's in an easy and readable format that hasn't changed, which I like. Also, you don't send out a bunch of junk. I continue to stay on your email list because I like to network with friends in our industry and forward any jobs that may pertain to their areas of interest. Hope you're doing well. Regards, Jo Anne"

After taking the FULL SPECTRUM ANALYTICS - Field Svc Specialist - San Diego, CA job on 7 July 2015 Adam O. said
" Hey Ed, I definitely could not have landed a job like this without your listserv. I think for anyone looking for the types of jobs posted, it is the best resource of its kind. I was looking at a lot of jobs on Indeed and Biospace, as well as LinkedIn, but those resources are only updated with a couple jobs a day. Additionally, the jobs that are posted, can be all across the board rather than focused on a few specific areas of science which I think your list does very well. What I have found is that a lot of those jobs posted sit on those websites for months collecting resumes so if I apply now, I might not even get my resume looked at for a couple months, whereas the email I reply to from your list allows it to go directly to the employer right away. Also, I think the referrals keep the group on your listserv to a reasonable amount of people so that it is easier to land these jobs as a result of relatively limited competition. Thanks again for running such a valuable tool. Best wishes, Adam O."

After taking the PERKIN ELMER - Tech Sales Rep - Portland, Oregon job on 1 June 2015 Scott S. said
"Hi Ed, I consider your list very unique in that the jobs posted are all real, targeted exactly to what I am looking for, and you post salaries. Would not even consider using monster or any of the other big sites. Thanks for your awesome list! Scott"

After taking the MILTENYI BIOTEC - Tech Sales Consultant - Bay Area job on 23 June 2015 Jerry J. said
Hi Ed! Thank you for the congratulatory letter! To give you an idea of how effective your job list has been for me, 3 out of 4 of my sales positions has been through your list! Denville Scientific [3/2010] where I got my foot in the door for sales, then Lonza, and now Miltenyi. Thanks again for all that your list has done. It has been a tremendous resource for me and I have been confidently referring new people to your list whenever I get a chance! Thanks! Jerry"

After taking the [ ATCC - Sr. Sales Specialist - Midwest ] job on 13 April 2015 John K. said
"Hi Ed, I found Ed's Job List to be the most effective method for job searching that I am aware of (other than having an inside connection at a targeted employer of course). The number of listings, variety of positions and employers, and direct connection to recruiters and hiring managers is not available in any other source in my experience. In addition the detailed description of each position really enables effective resume tailoring and also gives you a good idea which positions to pursue.
Thanks for your efforts on this, and I hope your retirement is keeping you living the dream. Cheers John"

After taking the [ ESSEN - FAS [Field Apps] Job - Houston ] job on 2 February 2015 Jeremy M. said
"Hi Ed, I've been working for ~ 3 months now and must say I absolutely LOVE my job. Thanks for everything. The EDSjOBLIST method of finding employment is the BEST, and I mean BEST, thing I have used to secure employment. Other methods are flawed and increasing outdated. Again thanks for your help and please have a wonderful weekend/day/month/year. Thanks......!!!! Sincerely, Jeremy M. "

After taking the [ ZYOMIC - Mfg Rep Job - Chicago ] job on 1 April 2015 John T said
"Hi Ed, Yes, the Zyomic relationship is working out well,
edsjoblist is THE MOST CONVENIENT way to find a job, in our industry. Receiving daily emails, targeted to a particular geography, is a great way to see what jobs are available, and what "the going rate" for compensation is, currently. The "Subject" line in the edsjoblist emails allows me to instantly determine geography and compensation, so I don't have to read every email. I have referred many colleagues to your website, and they have each thanked me for making them aware of your service. Keep up the great work! Thanks for your help, Ed!

After taking the [ SPOTFIRE IMAGING - Sales Rep - SoCA EJL ] job on 26 January 2015 Shirk M. said
"Hello Ed, EJL was the best resource out of all I had been using (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn etc.). As a Life Science Sales Professional, EJL was perfectly tailored to my industry targets! And, I was able to secure this terrific job with SPOT Imaging Solutions.
I have been referring your job list to all my colleagues on the job hunt. Thank you for being there and doing what you do! Without EJL I know I would not have landed this opportunity. Thanks again! Shirk."

After taking the [ BIOLINE - Academic terr manager - SoCA EJL #2014-706 ] job on 8 January 2015 Eugene C. said
"Thanks a lot, Ed! I hope you've been doing well since your [3/2013] heart bypass operation!
I believe a huge benefit your list provides is that it offers info on compensation. Regardless of which source a job seeker may use, compensation is never a part of the job description (it could be my ignorance, but I don't know of any) until one is invited to have a phone or in-person interview.
In addition, your list specializes in sales, marketing, business, and other field positions. These are exactly the kind of positions that fit our career paths.
We don't need to waste time searching on companies' websites only to find out that they aren't posting anything that is of interest to us. God bless you for creating this list! Long live Ed Greene~!!! :D Eugene"

After taking the [ MESOSCALE - Field Apps Scientist - SoCA EJL #2014-623 ] job on 8 December 2014 Rita I.. said
"Good morning Ed I've got to say that I was unaware of edsjoblist until my friend Andrea L. told me about it. Before joining edsjoblist I had been searching for a new job for over 5 months. I used every possible web job site. I used LinkedIn, Monster, and indeed extensively and countless other sites. I was not fortunate. Your list gives people who are trying to find a field/sales position countless options and the opportunity to be noticed directly by a headhunter for that particular field.
I reached out only to a couple of recruiters through your site and [EJL Recruiter] Jodi Wilkinson was able to find me the perfect position for my set of skills. Thank you for this awesome resource "edsjoblist" Kind regards Rita "

After taking the [ DENVILLE - Sales Rep - Raleigh ] job on 2 January 2015 Brian B. said
Hi Ed, Thank you for the wishes and I am excited to be on board with them. In regards to the difference of my search through Ed's vs. other methods, I am not sure if there is much comparison. I was not actively searching hard for a position. Basically I was not on Monster, Career Builder or Linked In looking up positions on a weekly basis.
I guess one comment would be that the Denville position was easier to obtain through Eds Job List because I did not have to do much work to register on any website. One of the most exhausting things in searching for a job is the amount of information that is required to register on a company's website.
I liked that this is more of a networking site and more concentrated in our field. When [Friend] Rich A. had first recommended it, I signed up, but did not realize it was going to be so many advanced positions posted. I really did not feel it was a good site for me. I do not have a science background. However, I have been very successful in this field without one. One thing I wish that some of the recruiters and hiring managers would initiate is taking a chance on the rate of success vs. the initial evaluation of the degrees held. Especially when I see the same jobs keep posting. Thanks Ed. Brian B. "

After taking the [ BIOSILTA - Sales Rep - Baltimore ] job on 15 December 2014 Sonia M. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for the good wishes. I'm very excited to start this new position. I found edsjoblist to be more informative than most recruiters I worked with throughout my job search. From most recruiters, the only information I would get was a notification of an open technical sales position, and a request to send along my resume.
The nice thing about edsjoblist is that I saw more detailed job descriptions first, and then had the luxury of only applying to positions that best fit my skillset. Overall I am very pleased with my experience on edsjoblist. I joined in September '14, had a first round interview in October '14, and signed my offer letter in early December '14. Also, I will remain a subscriber to the list to stay current on future positions (and salary ranges) in the Mid-Atlantic region. Thanks Ed! Sonia "

After taking the [ PERKIN ELMER - District Mgr - Western States - Michigan] job on 12 January 2015 Ed C. said
" Ed: I am excited about my new position and would like to thank you and [EJL Recruiter] Jodi [Wilkinson] for all your help in securing it. EJL differs from all other methods I've used. In trying to return to the life sciences industry (I tried software sales for the last year), I used a multitude of methods: job boards, online agencies (from Monster to Glassdoor and others), LinkedIn, relationships I've developed with some recruiters, contacts within the industry, etc.
I must say (not just because it worked) that EJL stands out. For one, it is fairly specific to the region you're looking at. I also like that most of the essential info about the role (title, location, compensation) are in the subject line to allow for rapid screening. It was also quite useful as it is specific to the life sciences - no other method could offer that consistent refinement - again, allowing me to filter through jobs that I truly would consider, not forced to look at tons of chaff to get to the wheat. It is also so simple to use (just email a resume and cover letter to the suggested email address) - no complex forms to fill out every time I am interested in a role. You are providing a great service, Ed. Thank you for providing the means for me to get back into this market in a great role. Sincerely, Ed C. "

After taking the [ MAGRITEK - Sales Rep - San Diego] job on 15 December 2014 Josh R said
"Hi Ed, What I like about EJL is that the opportunities come to me; I don't have to go out and search for them. It is also very easy to quickly determine if it is a position I'm interested in, the title, compensation, and basic location/territory information is all provided in the subject line. Although I did not find this Magritek position from an EJL post, I did find [EJL Recruiter] Mark Moyer through a previous job posting. That particular opportunity didn't work out, but everything was for the better, as Mark and I found this opportunity and I truly believe it to be a better fit than the original position I contacted him about. Keep up the good work! Josh "

After taking the [ CLONTECH - Sales Rep - Massachusetts] job on 5 January 2015 Tom Mc G said
" Hi Ed, I can't thank you enough for the service that you provide. For me making the transition from the bench into sales was difficult however, as soon as I started using the postings from you I immediately gained traction. Two months later I had accepted a job offer at a great company after working with the best recruiter [Elaine Cook] I've ever come in contact with. The best part is that I found this job after responding to postings on day 1 of using your list and this comes after more than 10 months of prior job hunting. Thank you so much. Best Regards, Tom Mc"

After taking a job [but NOT from EJL] in November 2014 Amy L said
" Hey Ed I am huge fan of yours and believe you provide one of most unique and effective service for sales reps in our industry. So, when you ask for something where I can contribute, I'm happy to respond. I just accepted a position (not from edsjoblist), and I used "market value" info gathered from your postings. I not only negotiated a base higher than their budgeted rate, I also received a $10K signing bonus! I was able to this because, even when happily employed, I review your postings and save "good fit" opportunities. When we began hire negotiations, I had the justification I needed to demonstrate my value in today's marketplace. Thank you, Ed, for the invaluable service you provide! Regards, Amy L"

After taking the [ ACEA - Field Apps Scientist - San Diego] job on 14 Oct 2014 Garret G said
"Hi Ed - I feel like EJL is more targeted to the jobs I was seeking more than some other websites. Additionally, if my skills really matched the job description, I received more responses with EJL compared to other job sites. The other thing that really helped with my search is that all EJL postings includes a salary range for that job so I didn't have to do the dance with HR screening to see if I fit within their expectations -Garret"

After taking the [ BIO-RAD - Protein Sales Rep - Boston] job on 8 Sept 2014 Carol W.. said
"Hi Ed, If it weren't for your job list I would never have known about the opening and most likely would still be looking! I really liked getting frequent updates that were soley for life science sales. It saved time and was so much easier than filtering through web site results. Thanks again! Carol "

After taking the [ ACTIVE MOTIF - Sales Rep - Chicago] job on 11 August 2014 Dave W. said
"Hi Ed, I found EJL to be a vital tool for a jobseeker looking into sales in the life sciences. I found your "2 tips" to be very helpful.
It only took me 4 months to get employed. The job came from the "backlog 4 months of archives" of EJL emails that you sent me -- it turned out that I was the perfect fit. I would have never found this job on my own, I don't think - I also have to say that the idea of posting salary, benefits and location is a seriously welcome idea. No other resource was able to do this effectively, and it helped a ton in the screening process. I've been telling all my colleagues about EJL; if they ever make the jump into sales, I'm sure they will sign up because of these features. Best, Dave"

After taking the [ GENEWIZ - Sales Rep - DC/Maryland] job on 18 August 2014 Christina L. said
Thanks so much Ed! EJL is awesome! Thank you for your efforts to maintain such a listing! It truly helps job seekers by keeping the search simple yet effective. I can glance over the list and see if it's right for me in a matter of seconds. It's nice to simply email a resume and not have to upload a resume then go through a portal to fill in the exact same information as what's on the resume. It saves time! Others sources I've used include The Ladders, Biospace and individual company websites. Another attribute to EJL is that it's all life science jobs - all pertain to my background. Even having setup search filters for Biospace, for example, they continue to send me job postings that aren't in my scope. Thank you again for your service, and best wishes!!!!! Christina"

After taking the [ ACTIVE MOTIF - Sales Rep - Maryland] job on 2 June 2014 Hatice A. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you so much. It's been an exciting and fun transition from bench to sales. Thanks to your list I was able to get this great job. Thank you for creating this list and keeping it alive. I actually was not actively looking for a job, so I don't have much experience with the other methods for comparison but one thing I like about your list is that job descriptions include the salary range and experience level that is required for the position so we have an idea where we belong in that range. It is hard to find the salary range for this industry. Thank you, Best, Hatice"

After taking the [ DENVILLE - Sales Rep - MA] job on 8 June 2014 Matt K. said
"Hi Ed, Your jobs list has been by far the best resource I have had is searching for employment. I can't believe I am only the 52nd person to find two jobs since your beginnings! I wonder how much that has to do with placing people in great jobs where they don't want to leave though. Anyway thank you very much and I will continue to use EJL as a resource. Best, Matt K."

After taking the [ DENVILLE - Sales Rep - Boston] job on 18 May 2014 Cheryl D. said
"Hello Ed, I deeply appreciate what you have done for so many of us out here looking for new opportunities. You are truly a 'diving board' by giving us the platform to spring off of.
Your "EDJOBLIST" platform is far superior to anything else. I used Monster, The Ladders, VentureLoop, company websites, and Linked In. Your methodology of connecting sales positions with aspiring entrepreneurs is fabulous. The recruiters you have employed are fantastic as I have spoken with quite a few. They know what they are talking about and they know how to make those connections permanent. I got great advice from several recruiters working off EDJOBLIST.
I am about to make the career shift that I've been dreaming about for years. I am entering a world where someday I will live on a boat like you Ed! Thank you for making my dreams come true. You are truly a blessing for setting up this great service (must have been one of those early morning slumber-ish times of great aspiration). Thank you for following that inspiration!! Enjoy the sun and water! The New Hampshire Girl......Cheryl D."

After taking the [ QUANTACHROME - Western U.S. Reg Manager ] job on 19 May 2014 Colleen J. said
"Hi Ed, There are a few key elements of Ed's Joblist that assisted in my job search:
Delivering opportunities for consideration right to my email box
Having a high level or in some cases a detailed job description allowed me to adjust my resume prior to submission with information relevant to the job
Collecting contact information for recruiters so as to alert them to my availability and interest in consideration for private searches they may have underway
Information on compensation packages to help with employment negotiations
Best regards, Colleen J. "

After taking the [ KERAFAST - VP/Sales & Marketing - Boston ] job on 26 March 2014 Jennifer R. said
"Ed, So far so good. I prefer to use EJL for jobs, mostly because I'm not fond of working with traditional recruiters. I also tend to prefer start ups and smaller companies, which have fewer resources and thus heavily use your method of job advertisement. best regards, Jennifer R"

After taking the [ LAB SYNERGY - District Sales Rep - SouthEast ] job on 26 March 2014 John H. said
"Ed Yours is the only site I depended on for my search and I found it extremely helpful. I signed up for "The Ladders" "career builder" and "indeed " and found them to be not very useful. At 68 years old and 39 yrs in the business I know most of the recruiters, but didn't know [EJL Recruiter] Kandi Williams. Recruiters don't call me anymore (go figure- I can still stand up and walk) so I have to reach out to get their attention. You provide a great service. Thanks again John"

After taking the [ PERKIN ELMER - Sales Rep - SouthEast ] job on 25 February 2014 David B. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for your email and warm wishes on my new career with PE. Working with [EJL Recruiter] Jodi Wilkinson was a pleasure and I certainly appreciate your site for bringing the opportunity and her staffing company to my attention.
I actually felt your Job List emails as an extremely valuable tool. Probably the most valuable tool that I used in my job search. I also used contacts and referrals from colleagues to recruiters they had used in the Industry.
The emails I received from you on a mostly daily basis were very clear and informative and I actually have mentioned your Job list to many people in the life Sciences as a valuable resource. I certainly commend you on the work you do for the industry and personally for my own job search.
I worked within the scientific staffing industry for 5 years as a business development manager and branch manager. So I do know the staffing industry very well and I wish I had been able to use your group back then to find candidates. I think Ed's Job List is the best tool for anyone prospective life science sales person.
Thank you for your hard work in setting up and running your company. I appreciate it and will always be grateful of your vision which allowed me to find out about the PE position. I wish you many more years of helping people find their next career move. Best Regards, David B."

After taking the [ ADVANCED MICROSCOPY - Sales Rep - Montreal ] job on 24 February 2014 David S. said
"Hi Ed, Ed's job list has actually been very helpful in helping my find a job. Although I am in Montreal, Canada, and Canadian listings were more rare, it did bring a couple to my attention in a way that let me apply at a very relevant time. Ed's job list is nice because it is a constant reminder that there ARE opportunities out there, even in a shaky economy. It is a non-invasive way to still remind you every day to continue your job search. Thanks for setting up the list. Best regards, David S."

After taking the [ ADVANCED MICROSCOPY - Sales Rep - New England ] job on 24 February 2014 Erik D. said
"Hi Ed Your list is the best resource I have ever used to find a job. I have used it repeatedly over the past 5 years. with AM being my 2nd job from your list. Thanks again! Erik"

After taking the [ UVP - Sales Rep - SoCA ] job on 10 February 2014 Troy L. said
Hello Ed I hope 'Beans' is still sustaining you in the San Diego harbor. I found your list to be very matter-of-fact. I appreciate the listing of salaries/ranges as well as the description. They were accurate and to the point. Compared to other job sites, I liked yours the best. I had more call backs from yours. I liked that you, in a way, cut out the BS and middle man and got me to HR. The job is going very well. I like the culture and climate. I should do well here. Best regards Troy L."

After taking the [ SEPAX - Sales Rep - Philly ] job on 15 January 2014 Elliott S. said
"Ed, the difference between Ed's Job list and other methods of job searching is the searching part, with edsjoblist I didn't have to search, the jobs were emailed to me. Although I was not qualified for all of them eventually the opportunity with Sepax was emailed to me and it worked. While receiving edsjoblist I spent 40 hours a week applying to jobs with other methods but I always got a couple daily e-mails from this list which was nice. I also got the most responses from actual hiring managers from edsjoblist. Thanks, Elliott"

After taking the [ GOLDEN HELIX - S/W Sales Rep - Montana ] job on 9 December 2013 Luke B. said
"Hello Ed, I am here in Bozeman, Montana for my first two weeks of training with Golden Helix and so far it is great. You and I have met a few times at conferences and it is always a pleasure to chat with you. I don't believe there is anything else out there that even compares. Your list is #1 in terms of being all-encompassing in the biotech field. You get searches for companies that are very small and very large, making products from test tubes to multi million $ capital equipment. You have positions for FAS and Sales and Marketing and Business Development and everything else. You have East Coast, West Coast, everything in between, plus ROW positions. Setting up a search profile in EJL is fast, simple and effective--just put in your search criteria and sit back and wait for the results to come in, which they do, almost every single day of the year.
Even when I am not in job-search mode, I maintain my subscription to EJL, just to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, and I know almost all of my friends do too.
Feel free to me on any or all of this Ed; you do a wonderful service to the Life Science community. Best regards,
Luke "

After taking the [ BIOTIX - Sales Rep - Chicago ] job on 6 January 2014 Meredith M. said
"Hi Ed, Thanks for the awesome resource! Edsjoblist made my job search so much easier by posting jobs that told me outright they would 'accept bench' scientists. It was convenient to not have to visit multiple websites on a daily or weekly basis to check for new postings and I know there are some jobs you list that are not posted anywhere else. I had better luck on edsjoblist then I did from referrals by friends! Thanks again and I will definitely be spreading the word to my qualified friends.
Meredith" "PS- I will definitely miss NWU, but at least I will still get to visit and walk the halls as part of my new job!"

After taking the [ BIOO SCIENTIFIC - Mfg Rep - SoCA] job on 6 November 2013 Douglas K. said
"I found EJL to be a great resource in my search for employment. In one instance, I responded to an east coast position and invited them to contact me if they anticipated a need in the west coast. This was a 1099 position, and they immediately called me back, scheduled an interview, and I was given a 1099 contract.
Another benefit with EJL postings, was that it gave me affirmations that companies were hiring, and that there was activity in the marketplace. It can be discouraging to send out resumes from other sources, and never hear back. A significant number of EJL recruiters responded promptly to my resume.
A few of them notified me that I was not a good fit (which I appreciated) and many of them shared more information to better determine if there might be mutual interest in moving on to the next step. Thanks for providing this service!!! I'm very fortunate to have seen some successes in the industry, which caused companies to consider me. But, as you know, it can be a difficult time seeking employment in this current economy and I'm sure you are well aware that the EJL e-mails are a blessing of hope and encouragement to a lot of job seekers out there. Keep up the great work. Douglas K."

After taking the [ STEMCELL - Sales Rep - Ohio ] job on 28 October 2013 Nikki N. said
"Hi Ed- Thank you! I did not use other resources to find this job. I have casually looked at your listings over the past year and a few months ago found out my PI was moving to NC. I did not want to relocate so aside from pursuing the positions I qualified for on your listings and looking for post-docs locally, I did not use any other methods. However, thanks for facilitating this new job opportunity for me! Nikki"

After taking the [ LONZA - Sales Specialist - Mid-Atlantic ] job on 3 September 2013 Kathleen B. said
"Ed, Thank you! .. you will find it humorous that Kurt H. is who I replaced when I took my very first sales job out of the lab! This is indeed a small world and it cracks me up everytime I see more evidence of it. I'm happy to see that your surgery was a success and I wish you good health and good weather out on your boat! Take care and thank you for starting your list! I can't tell you how much of a difference it has made in my life!
:) Kathleen"

After taking the [ SIGMA - Regional Sales Manager - Chicago ] job on 30 October 2013 Deb B. said
"Hi Ed, Thanks so much for all that you do! The EDs Jobs List is a key go-to site for looking for a new position. In my search - Eds Jobs List is the most valuable job listing site. The openings are targeted to the types of jobs that I was looking for. The closest that came to EJL was Indeed.com - but even there maybe only 1% of the jobs were appropriate. I used the LinkedIN jobs search and found a few positions - but only a very few... PS - earlier in the year you had a cardiac medical procedure - I hope you are feeling great! Thanks for having this site!! Deb B."

After taking the [ PERKIN-ELMER - FAS Imaging - Seattle ] job on 7 October 2013 Clarence D. said
"Hi Ed, I think that your list worked quite well for me and would definitely recommend it to suitable individuals in the job hunt. I used LinkedIn and my network to secure phone screens and interviews for Scientist positions, but your list was by far superior for locating the FAS roles in which I was interested. About a year ago, I worked with another of your recruiters, Kandi Williams, who had posted a job on your list. I enjoyed working with her and progressed through a long interview loop with the company before the job was put on hold. I then started working with EJL recruiter Jodi Wilkinson who had a few jobs that sounded like pretty good fits...and eventually we found the right one. Additionally, I had a number of phone screens with other posters to your job list. Everyone I interacted with through your list were true professionals and I certainly appreciate that. One key piece of information that your list contains [that most other job search sites lack] is the salary/total compensation range. I think that this truly adds value to your list. Thanks again, Clarence"

After taking the [ THOMSON INSTRUMENTS] inside Sales Rep job on 20 July 2013 Sonia M. said
"Hi Ed! Thank you so much! You are a superstar...helping us all get back to work...or to find something else! :) I really like Ed's Job list because it is a fast and easy way to apply for jobs in my field of expertise, saving me time in sifting through unviable opportunities. Additionally, it's the most simple way to apply. All I have to do [1] is update my cover letter for the specific job, and [2] hit send. This is unlike job search sites where we usually have to click on numerous links, before having to fill out the sometimes lengthy application forms online. I much prefer to simply send my resume via email to the appropriate individuals. Ed's job list has also helped to connect me to numerous individuals in the biotech industry, which will hopefully be beneficial for my future growth. When applying online, sometimes you don't know if you are going to get the call back, but with your list, I know, that if I have the right qualifications, I will get that call back, usually immediately, and the interview process becomes focused time from there. If you get a call back from an online application, sometimes the interview process can take weeks. Time is money, I appreciate you making it easier for us to look for that right position! Thank you again! All the very best, Sonia "

After taking the [ TSE SYSTEMS - Med Science Liason - Western Territory ] job on 6 July 2013 Tom L. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you! It would not have been possible without your help. :) Your job list is far better because it focuses on only Biotech/Pharma sales and product manager/business development jobs. This is extremely useful because it filters out all of those pesky insurance/car/home improvement sales jobs that tend to flood the other job sites. I would highly recommend it to all my friends looking for jobs in this field and one of my friends Tony T. is actively using your joblist. Again, thank you for the service and hope you have a successful and fulfilling 2013.
Kind Regards, Tom"

After taking the [ CHAMPIONS - Med Science Liason - Maryland ] job on 22 July 2013 Lisa S. said
"Hi Ed, Your jobs list is great! One of the best features is that it connects the candidate directly to the recruiter. You've got relevant jobs and I highly recommend your list to others. I like that your list is very relevant for sales positions. However, I do wish there was a similar list for MSLs and clinical positions. Thanks! Lisa"

After taking the [ MacAlaster & Bicknell - Sales Rep - MA New England ] job on 10 June 2013 Matt K. said
"Hey Ed, Thank you so much! Transitioning from the bench to the sales world has been very interesting. Your list was a huge help and is much better than any other resource that I was using. If there is anything else I can do to help you please let me know and thanks again for allowing me to be a part of edsjoblist.

After taking the [ AMG Advanced Microscopy Group - Sales Rep - SoCA ] job on 10 June 2013 Tiffany N. said
"Thank you Ed! I think your list is the best. Primarily because it spells out the most important details: - "pay range, benefits, territory." It's very to the point and consolidated. Your list is actually my first resource. Second I go directly to company websites. If it weren't for your list I'd be lost. I also subscribe even when I'm not searching just to get an idea of salary range I should be earning for similar roles. Have a good one Ed and thanks for maintaining this. Tiffany N."

After taking the [ BIO-SURPLUS - Sales Rep - Boston ] job on 1 May 2013 Ian S. said
"Hi Ed, The new job is keeping me very busy. Searching for a job is never easy, but your list was a great help. It's targeted jobs were much better than sites like BioSpace plus it takes a long time to go through all the company web sites. your list was by far the most comprehensive. I went on three interviews from your list before I was hired by BioSurplus and in each of those interviews I was a finalist. That shows me that it was targeted well. All the Best, Ian S"

After taking the [ BIO-LINE - Sales Rep - Chicago] job on 1 April 2013 Stacey L. said
"Ed, Thank you so much! I love your service because you send me jobs that I am specifically interested in and I don't have to go searching through sites myself. I also like that with your service I do not have to have calls with a recruiter where they take all my information down and then start contacting me anytime a job description has a buzz word that matches a word in my r�sum�. Ed's Job List is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone in this industry. Best Regards, Stacey L. [Sales Representative- IL & WI] "

After taking the [ BIO-RAD - Sr. Product Manager - NoCA] job on 19 March 2013 Steve H. said
"Ed - your list was the reason I have a job today. Frikkin' awesome - 100% relevant and brilliantly packaged. Thanks so much for your part in my new position - I will remain grateful to eternity. BTW - being a hiring manager, I will no doubt come to you for help when I need to enlist new sales talent. Hope you are feeling better after your surgery Take care Steve"

After taking the [ DIAGENODE - Sales Rep - Houston] job on 18 March 2013 David L. said
"Hi Ed, In my opinion EJL is the only way to actively seek a job. Waiting for a recruiter to call is passive and applying to listing on websites is a waste of time. Thank you for your invaluable service. David"

After taking the [ BOEKEL SCIENTIFIC - Director of Marketing/Business Development - Mid'Atlantic] job on 2 February 2013 Bryan D. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you very much! The new job has been great. Ed's Job list has been an incredible resource. I think I'd like to write a newbie's guide to ejl that would have helped me tremendously. Overall, I think EJL is the best resource for sales and quality professionals out there today. Thank you for your dedication and efforts into this uneasy realm of biotech recruiting. I will follow up with another email shortly. My wife and I had our second son born just a few days ago, who is 4 weeks premature. I've been running back and forth to the hospital nonstop since (80 miles round trip). Hope you are resting and regaining your strength. Bryan"

After taking the [ QUIDEL - Sales Rep - So'East ] job on 10 December 2012 Robyn C. said
"Ed, Your site was the most useful and had the best leads for my background. After I tapped into your site, [of my other sources] The Ladders, MedZilla - I thought yours was the best. I love the way EJL gave the meat of the position and the details followed. I think you are connected to some really great companies and I like the way you run your site. Thanks so much for your help and the great job lead! Kindest regards,Robyn C. "

After taking the [ EPPENDORF - Sales Rep - Boston ] job on 10 December 2012 Kristof O'C. said
"Hello Ed and Happy New Years- All is well here and excited about my new role at Eppendorf. Olga Shamraj [EJL recruiter] is the best and had a really good time working with her via the eds posting. I recommend Olga to my friends and colleagues now. She rocks!
I think your site is very powerful and a great job barometer for our industry. I say it contributed to about 40-50% of my search profile along with the career builders or specific company career centers on their websites. Networking still plays a huge part as well to the overall search process. In my opinion your site is the "go to" channel for almost anyone I know in the industry; kinda like the gold standard. I continue to recommend people to your service. Please let me know if I can be of any other help and here is to a good 2013. Kristof O'C "

After taking the [ NUGEN - Sales Rep - Boston ] job on 2 December 2012 Babette F. said
"hi ed, it's been a pretty hectic time of year!!! i hope you and yours have had a lovely holiday season. There is no comparison to edsjoblist - it wins hands down! My husband and I were jobseeking at the same time as we moved back to the US from overseas. He was so jealous that I had such a specialized joblist dedicated to jobs in my exact field. Great to know that any appropriate job would be sent directly to my Inbox and not only that, but I'd know the salary range. I followed your tip #1 and it worked like a charm - just make sure you have a catchy headline. I "met" a great bunch of recruiters and received a number of offers. I was spoilt for choice, but I'm sure I chose the best one. Me, my recruiter and my new employer are all very happy. Thanks Ed!! all the best, babette"

After taking the [ QIAGEN - Sales Rep - Pittsburgh ] job on 10 December 2012 Kathleen B. said
"Ed, Thank you so much! I am very excited to start my new job (and get a Primanti Brothers sandwich). As far as websites go, I can't tell you precisely how you measure up to other websites because yours was the only one I have heard people talking about! Ed's Job List was recommended to me by at least a half-dozen people and I have been forwarding job listings to friends and coworkers when I see one in their area. So I'd say your site/service is rock star quality! Thanks again, Kathleen"

After taking the [ SERACARE - TSR - Nevada ] job on 26 November 2012 Rich R. said
"Hi Ed, Your job list has been the best for me thus far. I've acquired two of my last three positions via your list and the third was through the same recruiter [EJL Recruiter Karen Mendrella] I was introduced to initially through your job list. Thanks for making this available to Life Science Sales professionals and field application scientists. It is, in my opinion, the best source for job listings in this field. Best Regards, Rich R."

After taking the [ NEBL New England Bio Lab - Sales Rep - Mid'Atlantic/PA ] job on 1 Oct 2012 David G. said
"Dear Ed Greene, You are the Man! Your list is amazing. By far it is the best way to get out there when the need is great. I have a lot of recruiter connections, but this amplifies them exponentially. I don't think the position I originally contacted [EJL Recruiter] Elaine Cooke for was the one I took, but we were talking immediately about it. Of course not all recruiters are created equal, and Elaine is exceptional. The industry has changed so much in the last decade and not for the better. Your list helps. Please contact me if and when you decide that you would consider selling it to someone who knows how special it is.
Very best regards, David G. PS: I would like to buy you dinner if I am in the SD area or if you are in the Philly area."

After taking the [ DENVILLE - Sales Rep - Bay Area ] job on 8 Sept 2012 Don B.. said
"Hi Ed, I am so thankful for my colleauge Christina C's referral to your job listing. I am also appreciative of your diligent efforts to provide these great job opportunities. After all the hard work, it finally paid off! Your job list is #1 for me because it provides the most details and best response from recruiters/human resources. Sites like Monster and CareerBuilder send me lots of spam and provide very little response from scientific-sales related jobs. You receive the best quality of positions. Thank you again, Don B."

After taking the [ AUSHON - Sales Rep - Bay Area ] job on 9 July 2012 Julie G. said
Hi Ed, Please feel free to use me as a reference. Edsjoblist is "THE" source for job seekers in the Bioscience space. EdJL is connected with an enormous and diverse group of individuals from sales, marketing and the lab. Ed's job list isn't the only resource that I looked at. But, it was the only source to which I sent a resume in my job search because your listings are the most accurate, current and comprehensive. I am loving my new position! Thanks Ed! Julie G."

After taking the [ CHEMAGEN - Field Apps Specialist - Bay Area ] job on 20 August 2012 John K. said
Hi Ed! It feels good to have successfully transitioned away from the bench and on to field service! In terms of how your list compares: there is simply no comparison. I mean, you wouldn't compare a telegraph to real time video chatting, would you? Ed's Joblist is the ONLY method that routinely got me in touch with fantastic companies and fantastic recruiters. I simply can't say enough good things about it. When I talk about the new job, I make sure to credit EJL. Sometimes when I'm bragging, they ask if they can get in on it too. I tell them to put me down as a reference and see what happens. Thanks for everything, John K."

After taking the [ RAININ - Sales Rep - NYC ] job on 1 August 2012 John McS said
"Hi Ed, Ed's job list is amazing. It put me in contact with the right people and recruiters to get hired quickly. It allowed me to compare salaries and Average work experience for various positions. It's the best way to find a job in life sciences as far as I am concerned. Thanks, John McS"

After taking his 2nd EJL Job [ FLUXION - Mfg Rep - MD/NIH/DC ] on 16 July 2012 Tom H. said
"Ed, I have over 30 years of sales experience with companies you may have heard of like Pharmacia Fine Chem, Molecular Devices. Waters, and Tecan, as well as a few you may not have heard of. When I was let go by Tecan 6 months, I went on the job hunt while restarting a Manufacturer's Rep business I had run before Tecan. While EJL has gotten me several interviews, none have panned out. Where EJL has been the most useful to me personally is exposure to addition Principals for my Rep Business. While Gyrasol has not gotten any traction as a start up, I have high hopes that Fluxion Biosciences will add quite a bit to my sales! So while EJL is very useful for jobs, it is also a useful source of Product lines for 100% commissioned Manufacturers Reps. Tom H. "

After taking the [ ORFlO - Sales Rep - Bay Area ] job 16 July 2012 Ramin M. said
"Thank You so much Ed. After close to 5 and half years it was time to move on to a new venture. Its so true, this is the second job I've taken through "Ed's Job List". Thank You. Ed, I explored 3 avenues. (#1) I went to Monster and found it not so useful. I had a couple of interviews but found the jobs not very interesting and really not much related to my field of expertise. (#2) I directly went to some company websites and (#3) was through Eds Job list. I found "Eds Job List" truly related to my line of work. The positions listed were in my areas and related to my level of education and so forth. Truly it was the best option to go. Definitly Ed, you are an angel. We are lucky to have you for this and I am grateful to be on your list. I also went to the website of companies but I had less luck. It just relates to what our vendor group people do for a living and matches to our level. Monster is way too general and by the way I got so many junk emails from Monster after I went to their site. I hope you continue to do this for us. "Eds Job List" has the advantage of describing the position in detail, giving the comp package in detail. Other websites and monster are not as good as yours. Almost everyone told me to go to "Eds Job List" and I did. Ramin."

After taking a "Non-EJL job" Nathan O'C from Vermont on 10 July 2012 said
"Hi Ed, I wanted to let you know that I have found a job. It wasn't through Ed's List, but your list absolutely helped me specify salary negotiations and relocation. Though it wasn't direct help in finding a job, the list absolutely helped me understand the lay of the land in today's career market.
Thanks very much! Nathan O'C"

After taking the [ MP BioMedicals - Sales Rep - Boston ] job 2 May 2012 Richard K. said
"Hello Ed It's a great list. Very informative listings for sales. I get a great overview of biotech sales, new opportunities and insight on biotech developments. Websites (monster, careerbuilder) are not as useful, and seem not as comprehensive, and I prefer your list to the occasional job blasts i get from recruiters. I have referred people to your list. You list many more sales opportunities than FAS or product management/marketing. Regards Richard K."

After taking the [ GENETEX - 100% Commish MFG Rep - CT] job 9 July 2012 Scott L. said
"Hi Ed, I have read your job list daily for the past three years. I think it offers more jobs than any other source except for a recruiter. It is better than web searches that I do weekly. I am always on the lookout for new lines to carry as a manufacturers rep. In the US companies do not usually use manufacturers reps like they do in the rest of the world. So your list especially of late has been very helpful. Have a great holiday. You do an awesome job. Keep it up. Scott"

After taking the [ MoBIO - Sales Rep - STL/MidWest] job 11 June 2012 [this MoBio is the 2nd Job Josh has gotten from EJL, in 2010 he got a MidSci job]
Josh F. said

"I think your list is pretty comprehensive. The two times I performed job searches in Life Sciences sales I utilized your list to find the jobs I ended up in. I also utilized word of mouth and connections. When I heard of a job it was never very long before it came across an EJL email as well. I think your connections are strong and most recruiters know they can find qualified Life Sci applicants here. Thanks for all the help Ed!
Cheers, Josh F"

After taking the [ THERMO FISHER - Sales Rep - MidAtlantic region] job 4 June 2012 Bruce E. said
"Hi Ed, Your Job listing is a great idea for both opportunity seekers and recruiters. I receive daily job opportunities in my field, which allows me to sift through what is of interest and what is not. vs. missing an existing opportunity because a recruiter failed to contact me. Additionally it is way easier to read your email than search through every company career page every day. Everybody wins. The recruiter gets a better closing percentage and I find it easier to select the best matching opportunities. Thanks for your help in seeking employment. Bruce E. "

After taking the [ MTI GLOBAL STEM - Sales Rep - MidAtlantic region ] job 2 April 2012 James W. said
"Ed: First of all, Thank you! Edsjoblist is the best place to find my kind of jobs. I have recommend to all my colleagues and friends. Jobs on your list are real comparing to other job listing site. To be honest, I do not even go to other job listing site anymore. Thanks again for your job listing service and best wishes for your business. Cheers James W."

After taking the [ ZYOMIC - Sales Rep - SoCA ] job 30 April 2012 Paul I. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for the referral that led to my being hired by Zyomic. I like your service in that it sticks to jobs in science/technology. Most of the other job boards may include any number of other positions and industries. Also, these all seem to be legitimate postings. On some other boards recruiters will post positions that do not exist as a method of increasing their data base of potential job seekers. Paul"

After taking the [ BD - Sales Rep - Philly ] job 3 October 2011 Laura C. said w/additional "
"I have to say that I love Edsjoblist. It is how I got my current job. I like just seeing what comes through and make sure that I am still keeping up with the technical expertise in the fields that seem to be the most in demand. It is a great resource. Thank you very much! Laura c."

After taking the [ ZEISS - Sales Rep - Houston ] job 26 March 2012 Lindsay P. said
"Thanks Ed! Your service seems to be the most useful of them all. I honestly wasn't even 'looking' but one of your listings caught my eye! It turned out to be a great opportunity and I am happy to be a part of the Zeiss team. Lindsay P."

After taking the [ MP BioMedicals - Sales Rep - PNW/Seattle ] job 9 April 2012 Cliff H. said
"Hi Ed! Your list compares very well to other job sources because you are focused in the sciences while other lists are all across the board. It is also easy to read the job descriptions and contact the hiring manager or recruiter. The return rate on opportunities applied for is very high. Thanks for your help! Kind regards, Cliff H."

After taking the [ EMD MILLIPORE - Strategic Source Mgr/Small Molecules - California based] job 23 March 2012 Tom B. said
"Hi Ed, EJL is the best! I struggled in my job hunt for 6 months and then got referred to EJL by a colleague Kelli McC. I had been working with other recruiters and job post sites, but the turn around time with EJL was less than a month. Now it took 6 weeks and 12 interviews to land the position and then another 3 weeks to complete the on-boarding, but if not for EJL I was headed for unemployment and cast as another statistic. BTW... Trudy Giese is the best HiTech recruiter I've met, and I've met some really good ones over the last 20 years. Tom B. "

After taking the [ CORNING - Sales Rep - Massachusetts based] job 12 March 2012 Brian D... said
"Yes, Steve Wydman is a great recruiter to work with...nice guy.
As far as job searching tools go, I used them all in my search. but your service of having jobs delivered to my inbox every day was powerful-powerful from a convenience perspective and powerful from a relevance perspective. Your service provides a much greater filter than most other tools. I've already referred a few folks and will continue to do so in the future. Cheers, Brian"

After taking the [ IRVINE SCIENTIFIC - Sales Rep - Maryland based] job 27 February 2012 Danielle R.. said
"Hi Ed, I've been with Irvine Scientific just over a month now and LOVE my new job!! I most likely would not have found this position or [EJL Recruiter] Tom Russell without your email blasts. I appreciate that you work with recruiters from across the industry to post positions, unlike recruiters who only recruit for specific clients. Your email blasts are a great first step to identifying positions and recruiter contact information. Thanks very much for your efforts. Danielle R."

After taking the [ SIGMA - Sales Rep - Providence, RI based] job 15 March 2012 Shawn S. said
"Hi Ed: Talking with colleagues that knew I was job seeking, this list is the first thing they mention for the industry. It was my starting point each day as all the jobs for the Pharma industry were included. All the job boards and job sites seemed to be outdated. You offer a very irreplaceable service among members of my industry. Many thanks from all of us. Shawn"

After taking the [ MACHEREY NAGEL - Sales Rep - Los Angeles based] job 15 March 2012 Bindiya P. said
"Hi, Ed. Thank you for creating this wonderful website. The true value of it, I believe, comes from the users-the jobs posters are either the hiring managers or 2nd degree to them; thus, a resume does not go into a big black hole. Other online job searches do not hold a candle to Edsjobslist! Your initial advice was priceless-"customize your cover letter"; do not get lazy. Again, thank you. Bindiya P"

After taking the [ EMERALD - Tech Support Rep - Boston based ] job 5 March 2012 Katherine C. said
"Hi Ed, You're joblist is AMAZING!!!! I spent over a year looking for a job on my own. But once I got on your job list, it took less than 2 months for me to find a new job! My recruiter [Jodi Wilkinson] was FANTASTIC! Jodi was with me every step of the way and patiently answered all my questions. I can't thank you enough for setting this up, because it really is an incredible tool. I would gladly recommend anyone in my field to this joblist because it puts any other method of searching to shame! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! All the best, Kat C. "

After taking the [CLONTECH - Sales Rep - St Louis/MidWest based] job 5 December 2011 Bill G said
"Hi Ed- So far things are going well and I really enjoy my new position with Clontech. For my job search, your joblist was heads above other sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. There were many more opportunities from your list that were in my strike zone. Thanks! Bill G"

After taking the [ MESOSCALE - Field Apps Scientist - NoCA/Bay area based ] job 9 January 2012 Gunjan T. said
"Hi Ed, Thanks!! I am very thankful to my colleague Caroline for mentioning your list, I not only got this opportunity but also a couple of other interviews through your list. I think your advice to write directly to recruiters worked for me, more often than not I had someone respond to me unlike an automated response or just silence from many other websites. I would certainly be referring my friends to your list and using it again in future if needed. Keep up the good work. Best, Gunjan"

After taking the [ CHEMAGEN - Sales Rep - Houston based ] job 3 January 2012 Deidra C. said
"Your list is incomparable and a HUGE resource. I hate going through headhunters (and I got in touch with many but never heard of many of the openings that appear on your list) and looking at companies websites doesn't always have accurate info as to what is available. Monster.com is no help either. Your list is a tool which is extremely valuable and I believe actually essential! Take Care, Deidra"

After taking the [ RAININ - District Sales Manager - Chicago ] job 19 December 2011 Mike P. said
"Ed, Good morning! Your job list is head and shoulders above the likes of Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. I am at the point in my career where my salary and benefit requirements go beyond what most websites and sources can provide AND I refuse to pay for a source to look for me. Having all the recruiters in one spot is a huge help and I thank you for putting Ed's Job List together. Happy holidays! Mike P."

After taking the [ ATHENA - Sales Rep - Vancouver, BC ] job 3 January 2012 Krysten J. said
"Hi Ed, Your joblist is unparalleled. Your networking and your relationship with the recruiters are what makes it absolutely worth it! I refer anyone I think would be a great candidate to the list, and many have been blown away - they didn't know there was that many opportunities out there! Sending a resume through a site like Indeed.com, you have no idea if the recruiter pays attention. But with Ed's job list, they know the list is already 'pre-qualified' and thus worth their time to respond to. Cheers, Kyrsten J."

After taking the [ HUDSON ROBOTICS - BizDevMgr - Boston ] job 12 December 2011 Peter B. said
"Hello Ed, I hope you are enjoying your retirement in some sunny location. I think EJL works fantastically as it has very specific job descriptions, these positions are sent to me regularly, and for the most part when I respond to the recruiter I get contacted back fairly quickly. I really enjoy receiving them as well as they tend be sent not too often but often enough to keep interest so one can pick and choose which is best fit for oneself. Thanks for continued posts even in retirement. I will be in San Diego in February so at least I will be in a quasi-warm location compared to the Northeast! Have a great weekend!
Best Regards, Peter B. "

After taking the [ CYPROTEX/APREDICA - BizDevMgr - CA ] job 28 November 2011 Camille B. said
Hi Ed, I originally signed up to Ed's list just to see what types of jobs were out there (not sure If I wanted to change). I then confirmed, I was making less than my worth. My serious search began Jan this year. I had also signed up for e-notifications at monster, local paper, craigslist, company sites and more. I found them the be limited in comparison. Most of the positions were med device or retail sales and did not cover the range you do. My husband is in a different industry (HR in the human services field) and we tried to locate a list similar to yours for him. It does not exist, which was disappointing. He has since located a new position as well. Thank you again! Camille B. "

After taking the [ ADVANCED MICROSCOPY GROUP - Sales Rep - NYC ] job 5 December 2011 Casper P. said
"Hi Ed, Thanks for the message and thanks for congratulating me! Yes, it was very very fast and the main thing I have learned from this short adventure is that it takes practice, and with practice you
1) become better at the interview process, learn to answer certain questions that may be uncomfortable for you: I got hired at the only interview where I felt completely on the attack at all times, never on the defensive.
2) realize what you want: the last two interviews I went to where I was also the closest to landing the positions, were ones that most closely matched my core expertise and passion. EJL is super convenient and very very easy to use. EJL is so well known that apparently everybody uses it, so it catches most jobs. On the other hand, one might not be posted on EJL, so I would say the only caution is to also scour routinely other sites, specific companies etc. But EJL is very very strong, certainly if I could only use two or three tools, EJL would be one. Thanks again, Casper P."

After finding a job in early Nov 2011 from a "Non-EJL source" Shan M wrote
"Hi Ed, You've done such an amazing job with this list. I've referred over 30 colleagues onto your list as I feel its the easiest way to gain exposure to recruiters. I'm happy to see the impact you've made in helping create so many jobs during our economic recession. You've truly helped families keep food on the table and for that you have my highest respect. Thank you for the wishes and you are also in my warm thoughts and prayers. Best regards, Shan M"

After taking the [ RAININ - Sales Rep - Minneapolis ] job 20 October 2011 Mary G. said
"Ed, YEA! I am very excited about the new position. I was referred through LifeSearch recruiters in response to your post. Your posts have been very helpful and have kept me busy in my search, I have spoken with many of the recruiters and a couple of companies who have come through your alerts, The posts have been very informative in helping me to refine my career goals and learning how the market has changed while I was out. It is great to be back in the field and I look forward to many successful years with Rainin. Thank you for your work and God bless you Mary G"

After taking the [ BIOSCALE - Sales Rep - Northeast ] job 10 October 2011 Laura C. said
"Hi Ed, Your site, in my opinion, is the best search tool out there right now. I have been in the industry for about a decade now and this is the first time I have gotten a job using the site. But being on your EJL listserv expanded my network and kept me abreast of the overall hiring trend which is very useful even when one is not looking. In comparison to job boards and sites this one is most effective because:
1) It removes the ability for recruiters who do not have solid relationships with hiring managers to access resumes and randomly post them
2) It creates an opportunity for candidates and job searchers to connect with seasoned and connected recruiters simply because they have to e-mail the recruiter directly. I have had the experience of recruiters contacting me with other opportunities in mind even though I posted for something else.
I left the industry in 2009 and worked in Finance for 2 years and when I recently started my search in the biotech (and in Finance) areas, the job boards were not useful at all. When I decided to get back into the industry, I was able to network and establish a pretty comprehensive search after connecting with multiple recruiters on your listserv until the right one came along. Omar F"

After taking the [ BD - Sales Rep - Philly ] job 3 October 2011 Laura C. said
"Ed - to tell the truth I had seen a lot of recruiters that I knew of already were using the list so I didn't use any other means to find a job. Laura C."

*** This below Qiagen job was the 100th Hire for 2011 from EJL postings***
After taking the [ QIAGEN - Sales Rep - San Diego ] job 15 October 2011 Julie V. said
"Hi Ed, Your joblist was indeed very helpful. I definitely only found this particular job posted on your site and no where else so it's quite amazing, I have to say. Your site has very unique postings compared to others since it's not always a duplicate. You're doing a great job with the site. Please keep it up. Regards, Julie V. "

After taking the [ SIGMA - Sales Rep - SoCA ] job 3 October 2011 Tyler A. said
"Hi Ed, EdsJobList has been a tremendous resource for me; not only for finding great job opportunities, but also just for informational purposes to see what type of jobs are out there, and what to expect for compensation. When looking for a new job over the past few months, almost all of the opportunities I had originated from an EdsJobList posting -- I am pretty confident I would not have been able to find a position so quickly if it weren't for EdsJobList. I have referred several of my friends over the past year because of my satisfaction with it. Hope this email finds you well! Cheers, Tyler A. "

After taking the [ IXRF - Sales Rep - Philly area ] job 15 September 2011 Dave B. said
"Hi Ed, The Ed's Job List site worked very well. I would go on line and look every day to see what popped up. When I saw the listing for the IXRF job, I applied and got a great dialog going immediately. Thanks for your help, Dave B. "

After taking the [ WAFERGEN - Sales Rep - Bay Area ] job 31 August 2011 Damien P. said
"Ed, You are an amazing man! How do you do it?!?! I only used your list. I will recommend it to my colleagues. Best regards, Damien P "

After taking the [ BIA Separations - Sales Rep - New Jersey ] job 25 July 2011 Harvard M. said
"Ed - I am looking forward to starting my new job next Monday. I have found your service to be vastly superior to anything else out there. The jobs are real, they are targeted to the right audience (technical sales professionals), and they come to me, rather than having to scrounge them up, a virtual impossibility for smaller companies. Thank you.
In fact, you may want to think about doing the same thing for other fields; for example, scientific jobs in biotech are very often filled by recruiters, particularly for start-ups and smaller companies, and they sometimes do relocation for the right individual (that's how I came to live in Maryland). Physical/Occupational/Speech Rehab places are constantly looking for new people. Just a thought. Anyway, thanks, and keep up the good work! -Harvard M. "

After taking the [ ENTECH INSTRUMENTS Inside Sales Rep - Simi Valley, CA ] job 25 July 2011 Jamie G. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for your service and the posting which landed me the job advertised. This is exactly what I want to be doing and have been searching for this type of opportunity for many months - thanks to your excellent service I connected to this small organization which I hope will be a very long and mutually beneficial relationship. I will continue to recommend your excellent service to my colleagues! Thanks, cheers & fair winds (from one boater to another). Jaimie C"

After taking the [ QIAGEN Sales Rep - Boston ] job 25 July 2011 Sarah W. said
"Ed.. I had a 10 day span that went:
day 1- submit resume for your posting...
day 3- recruiter interview with recruiter Denise Carr
day 4- Qiagen hiring manager phone interview,
day 8- hiring manager in-person interview,
day 10-job offer.
Regardless, it was QUITE the whirlwind. In the middle of it all, I got a contact from a 2nd recruiter... WHEW!
Again, thanks for all your help. There are many folks out here like me that need people like you doing what you do. Like I said, I hope you're doing this still in years to come, as I know I'll be in good hands when it all happens again... Very best to you, Ed! Sarah W."

After taking the [ BIO-RAD Sales Rep - MidWest Region ] job 1 July 2011 Greg S. said
"Hi Ed, Thanks for the kind regards. Sorry for the delay, but the training schedule was moved forward and the learning curve is fairly steep. I do agree with you about recruiter Steve Payne, as he is much more communicative than most recruiters I have worked with. Since the response is handled by the individual recruiter, the process can be good or not depending on the recruiter. That said, Steve and Denise Carr are two of the most responsive recruiters I have worked with.
I really do like your service since it gives an idea of what is out there and what kind of packages are available. I would also say that I found the headlines on your service interesting; specifically I noticed that the "Self-RELo" lines were common during the lowest of the down turn and are now less common. I guess that is an indication of what companies can get away with when the economy is really down - just a trend that I noticed.
Thanks again and great service! Greg S."

After taking the [ SIGMA FAS - San Diego ] job 25 July 2011 Lavanya A. said
"Thanks a lot, Ed! I think your list is great. Every posting has a very elaborate job description which other job search websites miss out on. I appreciate that feature a lot. The recruiters who have contacted me so far have been very professional and go out of their way to help out, especially Recruiter Jodi Wilkinson who was a great pleasure to work with. I have already recommended Eds Job List to a couple of colleagues and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work!
And thanks to Ed's Job List, I have my first job out of graduate school. Many thanks to you ! Lavanya A."

After taking the [ DISCOVERx Sales Rep - San Diego ] job 18 July 2011 Dan C. said
" Thanks Ed. I really appreciate it. Your job list is the best ! I like how I can look quickly to see what the expected comp package is.to see whether I'll even pursue it or not. I like the description of the position.I like the way you can get me on the list and off the list. It comes across as one our own helping us to secure a position . that's a feeling of not just being a number out there. I like your occasional explanation of who your recruiters are and how you choose them, so it's a special list to be pulled to, not just a mass job list. I like how it's all sales. Good stuff. Keep up the great work.I'll have to come say hi at your boat one day. Have a great summer ! Warmest regards back at ya. Dan C.

After taking the [ CLONTECH Sales Rep - Texas ] job 11 July 2011 James N.. said
"Hi Ed, Thanks very much! I'm so pleased with your service! BTW this job came from your archives... if it helps, the job ID was 2011-444 honestly, I was so busy keeping up with all the great positions from your list, I never got around to trying any other sites. Granted, my willingness to relocate anywhere in the US kept the number of leads very high for me. Still, you are the only service I needed! Thanks again Ed! James N."

After taking the [ HUMANZYME Sales Rep - New Jersey ] job 1 June 2011 Craig G. said
"Hey Ed, Thank for your kind words. Your job list is fantastic. There is no easier way to get relevant job information on the internet. It is nice to know that the person you are replying to is actually going to see and possibly read your resume and cover letter. When you apply to big job boards, you have to assume your materials are going into the abyss. Combined with networking, your job list is a huge asset. I still continue to browse jobs even though I found one. Thanks a lot and enjoy the San Diego sun. Craig"

After taking the [ WHEATON Sales Rep - Chicago ] job 27 June 2011 Karla M. said
"Hi Ed, Your joblist has definitely been more effective compared to the independent web searches I've done. Through your joblist, I can at least be assured that I'll be in touch with a real person, who can comment to whether or not I'm qualified for the job vs. having my resume disappear into an HR black hole. Independent of that, it helped me find a job--the ultimate goal! I'll definitely recommend it to others! Best regards, Karla M."

After taking the [ GE HEALTHCARE Sales Rep - Bay Area ] job 13 June 2011 Dominic A. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for your job list and for helping me find my new position. I enjoyed working with Denise Carr and look forward to working with GE Healthcare. I do remember Asanga H. I believe he is still with Millipore, however he has transferred to Australia.
Ed's Job List has a strong following with the "insiders" or those who have been in our reagent/equipment sales field for awhile.
It has an advantage over other joblists (Monster, etc) because 1) postings are relatively fast, 2) many subscribers also talk and share info about the postings since many receive the updates
on their smartphones (Blackberry or iPhone, etc). I have also shared EJL with fellow scientists currently working in the lab who are interested in trying sales. BTW, I remember meeting you at a product show in Hamilton MT at the NIAID facility, around 2004. Thanks, Dominic A. "

After taking the [ INTEGENX Sales Rep - Cleveland ] job 13 June 2011 Ross G. said
"Hi Ed, Love it. I have found nothing like your list. The messages could be simpler but overall I love getting the messages. It has really allowed me to see a wide spectrum of what is out there and salary ranges. This helped to make sure I had a competitive salary in the past. Keep it up! Ross
PS. I tell all my sales buddies about your e-mail service. Many have signed up and few even listed me as the referral person. Ross "

After taking the [ ADVANCED MICRO GROUP Sales Rep - South East ] job 6 June 2011 Laura A. said
" Ed, Thanks for the congratulations! I actually got on your listserv before I got my previous job (which I got from my father's connections and not your listserv) but figured I would stay on it if another opportunity arose. It did! I am extremely pleased with this company and was lucky to get the job when I did.
I am going to stay on this listserv because over the past few years I have also been forwarding jobs to friends and telling job seekers to sign up! This is by far one of the best job seeking methods I have seen to date. I think my favorite part is that the jobs are e-mailed individually. I have never found it a task to delete those that did not matter or were not in my home range. The quality of jobs and the upfront salary expectations have always been a bonus as well.
Thank you for providing this service! You're a little bit of an enigma to me and I have always wanted to meet you! The guys at AMG (specifically Brent N.) said they have met you and I am jealous of that. Hopefully one day we will cross paths and I can shake the hand of the man that has helped me grow my career and that of the people around me. Regards, Laura A."

After taking the [ MILTENYI-BIOTEC Sales Rep - Maryland ] job 31 May 2011 Courtney B. said
"Hi Ed, I'm really excited to be beginning my new job at Miltenyi Biotec. To be honest, other job sites (ie. Jobfox, monster, career builder) can't hold a candle to your job list. Your job list has the type of jobs I was searching for all in one place, I just had to wait for one in my ideal location to come up! Thanks, Courtney"

After taking the [ ZYOMIC Sales Rep - Bay Area ] job 1 June 2011 David B. said
Hi Ed, Thanks so much for the notes of Congrats! I've found your job list to be extremely helpful, and I've particularly enjoyed following your travels over the last few years. :) I got a particular chuckle out of your decision to spend part of the past winter in So Illinois. My Dad lived in nearby Marion so I know how ugly and wet the winters can be there as opposed to the near perfect weather of San Diego.
Anyhow Ed, for people in our line of work, I've found your list to be the best resource available. Personally, I really appreciate the effort you take to provide us with this valuable service. The thing I like about it is that the postings provide enough salary range information and other details so that I can apply to only those positions that fit my needs. Best Regards, David "

After taking the [CHAMPIONS Sales Manager - Connecticut ] job 25 May 2011 Scott B. said
"Hi Ed, I've been reviewing your list for many years. About 2 months ago, you were kind enough to send me a 3 month archive of postings. From that archived list, I sent my resume to all of the recruiters. I received several favorable responses and, of course, the contact to [EJL Recruiter] Kerry Boehner.
I have gotten jobs using a variety of approaches; this is my first successful placement using your list.
Thank you and I wish you continued success! Scott"

After taking the [SIGMA Sales Dev Manager - Minnesota ] job 31 May 2011 Saeed K. said
"Dear Ed, Thank you! You service is excellent! I was able to really filter through the various openings, and find a position that is perfect for me, then pursue it fully. I am very happy to work with both [EJL Recruiters] Olga Shamraj and Elaine Cooke again in the future. Thank you again! Saeed K."

After taking the [PERKIN ELMER Sales Rep Bay Area ] job 31 May 2011 Hollis W. said
"Hi Ed, Thanks for the best wishes. I appreciate that. I really think this job with PE is going to be great. Jodi Wilkinson is one of the better recruiters I've worked with. I would say your website and e-mails are by far the most helpful when searching for a position. Most of the positions that you list are the ones I'm interested in. Monster has very few opportunities for life science sales. Careerbuilder is horrible. Plus, there are very few recruiters that aren't on Ed's Job List. In fact, I'm pretty sure everyone I've dealt with...you know! That's great. Keep up the great work. I just referred Melanie C., a former service rep of mine at Dionex to your website. Hollis W. "

[side note from EJL ListOwner]
... Late in May 2011 one of my listmembers [Scott K.] became the 3rd rep to get 3 jobs since beginning EJL in 1999 ~~~~~
BTW: 42 reps have gotten 2 jobs!

After taking the [TECHNE Sales Rep SoCA ] job 10 May 2011 Dax A. said
"Hey Ed, I have to say I think your list is highly valuable, and a much better resource (for me, anyway) than other lists or sites such as Monster, The Ladders, etc. The listings usually come from reputable recruiters or directly from HR/hiring managers. I feel it's a much better pathway to bypass a lot of the resume filtering that's out there and get info directly to decision makers. Bottom line is your list helped generate more interviews for me than any other resource (and that includes recruiters contacting me directly), and ultimately put me in front of Techne's president, Bob K. I know my predecessor at Techne from our days at VWR, so I was able to secure a referral from him as well. The rest is history.
Thanks again for providing such a great resource. I plan on continuing to monitor the list, if only for the purpose of helping out any colleagues, peers, and friends who might find themselves looking for a job. Best regards, Dax A."

After taking the [SIGMA Dallas ] job 11 April 2011 David M. said
"Hi Ed, Sigma has been keeping me pretty busy since I started my new Life Science Specialist role with the company.
I think your joblist is far superior to other methods out there. The reasons I think it's great are:
1. Every biotech sales rep I know is aware and receiving emails through your list, so the opportunities to hear about a position through a colleague are huge (I in fact found out about your joblist through a colleague when I first started doing biotech sales).
2. You provide direct contact with the recruiter who is posting the job, and turn around time is usually within a day for a response to a resume submission. Without your list, I have no idea how we would all network with the hundreds of recruiters in this business. I actually used your list exclusively when I was job hunting earlier this year.
3. It may not be fancy, but it's also simple and easy to use (it's e-mail!). The instructions on how to respond to a posting are very clear.
Granted, I'm hoping I won't be needing to use your list for a long time (I'm loving my job with Sigma), but please keep up the great work! Thanks again, David M."

After taking the [ CELL BIOSCIENCES ] job 10 May 2011 Rachel C. said
"Hi Ed, I got a job via a recruiter I was in touch with b/c of the "2 Tips" you send out to new users to your job list. Per your advice I contacted all of the recruiters who post on your site and let them know I was looking. About 3 months later one called me with a job that was a great fit.
Thank you for all of your help !! Your job list is a great resource. Regards, Rachel C. "

After taking the [CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS SoCA ] job 15 May 2011 Bill S. said
" Ed Thanks for the kind note. Yes, Kandi [EJL Recruiter Kandi Williams] is awesome. Since you appear not to have been made aware, you are awesome too.
Your E-mail blasts have been fantastic. Most of the recruiters that post are diligent and are actually looking to connect people to the jobs that come through. Overall the system is great and I wouldn't change a thing. It was a hugely valuable resource, the best I found. Thank you! Bill S. "

After taking the [TECAN [FAE=Field Automation Engineer] RTP/SouthEast] job 9 March 2011 Tom S. said
"Hi Ed, Actually I just subscribed to your list about 4 months ago. I believe that your joblist is exceptional compared to Monster, JobFox, CareerBuilder. The jobs listed were exactly in my business sector, pharmaceuticals and biotech, as well as being precisely geared towards sales and service jobs. I had 3 opportunities open in under a month versus 1 year of absolute garbage and resume fishing. Thank you very much for the opportunity provided by your listing. I have already recommended it to others. Tom"

After taking the [ADVANCE MICROSCOPY GROUP RSM SouthEast] job 13 March 2011 Chris F. said
"Hi Ed, Your job list was great. I'm so busy with work and life that I don't have time to comb through websites and stay in contact with the dozens of life science recruiters out there, so receiving your emails was great. I really appreciate the service and wish you the best of luck. Best, Chris"

After taking the [ENZO SouthEast - RSM ] job 11 April 2011 Karen W. PhD said
"Goodmorning Ed, Thanks a million for reaching out to me with a warm congrats!
The difference between your services and others is that you don't have to search daily for positions! The positions comes to you daily with detail information regarding the job description and the contact info. In addition you send emails several times a day. If you miss it the first time you will eventually catch the next time around! Therefore, you don't need to call recruiters daily or search websites to see what's available. It simplifies the job search process. This really gave me hopes during the search, reduced stress and its wonderful! During this transition I check my emails several times a day looking forward for your postings!
Once again thanks a million for bringing your postings to my door step! Within 6wks of lay off I got a brand-spanking new job which is bigger and better! Thanks to Eds Job listing! Woo! Hoo! Yes! I am no longer jobless! Kind Regards, Karen W., PhD"

After taking the [MCCONNELL GROUP - DC/NIH - Sales Manager] job 21 March 2011 Robert B. said
"Hi Ed, Thanks! I believe I started to use your resource in September of '09, as I learned about it from a fellow TSA (Technical Sales Association) colleague. Word of mouth is the best reference....as she had previously found employment through the LIST.
My situation was somewhat different as a mid to senior level manager trying to reengage in the industry, as these types of opportunities are not as frequently listed as sales positions have been listed in this economic climate on your list....What does overqualified really mean???
Other web postings utilized were not as specific or truly targeted to the scientific industry, so you are way ahead of the curve here.
Recruiters were more highly specific and my lack of an MBA, prevented or was a reason to reject opportunities at a Director or VP level....if I had the MBA, would this have provided the recruiter more leverage in salary negotiations with their client, thus providing them a higher commission or greater recruitment fee???
I believe you have a very appealing model to both the employer and job seeker. Wishing you continued success!!! All the Best,
Robert "

After taking the [ALGOS - DirBizDev - West U.S. ] job 14 March 2011 Cara W. said
"Hello Ed, Thank you for your note of congratulations!
I started seriously looking for a position in Nov. I can share with you general feedback from my circle of friends.
1. Your list is right up there with top sites for people all over the nation.
2. Not all recruiters acknowledge receipt of an application which is not good business. This is out of your control but maybe worth suggesting a canned response.
3. The jobs are current. I don't read any unless they mentioned the pay range. (just like I don't buy on Craig's list without a photo.
4. A few people would like to see the list organized so it is cleaner to the eye. I guess they want the meat of the message to appear earlier.
5. Have you thought about a website to post statistics on how effective your list is?
Good luck, happy to brain storm or provide feedback if I can help you. Warm regards, Cara W."

After taking the [LONZA BioInformatics Rep Connecticut ] sales rep job 4 January 2011 Rich K. said
"Hello Ed, Thanks for the kind words. I sifted through a lot of postings that were forwarded to me and finally spotted one that fit my profile. This ultimately led to my new position at Lonza. So, a little patience and diligence on my part paid off. My other methods were; connecting to domain specific recruiters and calling on my network of friends in the life science space. FWIW, when I first connected with [EJL Recruiter] Steve Wydman, I got the sense that he did not have extensive connections into the life science computing sales and marketing space. That said, I think it's fair to say that the likelihood of us finding each other, without your service, would have been fairly low. I am enjoying my new job a lot. I mean, one of the best positions I've had in my career. Thank you. Best regards, Rich"

After taking the [LONZA OH/MI/KY ] sales rep job 31 January 2011 Scott E. said
"Ed, My notes have that I registered with edsjoblist in November 2009. In any case, I had registered with Career Builder, Monster.com, through DBM outourcing, Linkedin.com and a few other websites also for my job search. I found edsjoblist to be a more focused joblisting tailored to the life science market. Generally, Career builder and Monster would let you put in the filters for job seekers but the returned job listing would be very broad both in pay and description. I found myself filtering again and again to try to drill down into more job possibilities usually a waste of time. I would recommend edsjoblist to my colleagues that are actively searching for a position in the life science area. Thank you, Scott"

After taking the [SIGMA - DirBizDev] - Maryland ] job 31 January 2011 Karen V. [ getting her 2nd job from an EJL posting] said
"Hi Ed, I am addicted to your list. Even though I had a job I never stopped getting your postings and have referred people to your list. In my humble opinion your list is priceless. All the jobs you list, as well as, the recruiters that use the list are top notch. Your list is definitely superior to other things out there and I believe it is because there is a fast direct connection to a recruiter that can really work with you to get you the job. Thanks for the congratulations. Best Regards, Karen"

After taking the [LONZA - Sr. Sales Acct Mgr [Enterprise S/W + Process Automation] - California ] job 4 January 2011 Evelyne L. said
"Hi Ed, I found your list to be extremely helpful in my search. Although there were not as many opportunities listed in my area of expertise (software/services) there were a few that needed my skill set. It also helped my reach out to recruiters that I was not familiar with before. In addition, I have seen opportunities others that are looking, so they have joined your service as well. Thanks for your list, it certainly helped me! Sincerely, Evelyne"

After taking the [ADVANCED MIRCRO GROUP - Texas ] Sales Rep job 18 January 2011 Brent J. said
"Ed, Thanks for your help! It is by far the best way that I have seen to get a job. I got an interview for every posting that I applied to. Warm regards, Brent"

After taking the [ROCHE - Houston ] Sales Rep-Cellomics job 24 January 2011 Denise C. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you. I have found your list to be the best way to search for a job. It provides me with access to recruiters with relevant jobs. Other search engines I've used (such as Monster) do not provide the quality focused jobs nor do I get past the point of submitting a resume. I've had several interviews over the last two years that have come about from your list. Thanks again for posting your list! Denise C. "

After taking the [GYRASOL - Maryland ] Sales rep job 26 January 2011 Tom H. said
"Ed, I've found Ed's List extremely useful. Since I was laid off from Tecan in June of 2009, Ed's list has been a key part of my job search. I have gotten several second round phone interviews, but Gyrasol is my first Ed's list success. Tom H."

After taking the [STEMCELL - Colorado ] Sales rep job 10 January 2011 Tom P. said
Ed, Your website was very helpful to me to find this job, but honestly if I had not gotten on the phone with recruiter Steve Payne I may never have even gotten an interview with STEMCELL. Obviously what is especially true about sales jobs is not only that the technical background is required, but also a social ability and a charisma, which can't be observed on a resume or cover letter. I think your website is superior in that on a daily basis I saw more postings than any other site, but it took more for me to land the initial phone interview. If there was a way for recruiters to see potential recruits and/or hear them, then you might get a lot more interest and improve the "hit" rate on interviews and successful hires. I'm not sure if this is even feasible, so it may be a dead end, but that's my honest feedback. I'll still direct all my lab rat and technical friends to your site, since I believe it does help.
Thanks, Tom P.

After taking the [BIONEER - Chicago ] Sales rep job 20 December 2010 Jim H. said
Dear Ed, I wanted to thank you for the excellent service that your company provides to us job seekers.
Your joblist compares very favorably with recruiters directly as I contacted over 40 recruiters directly during my job search. Not surprisingly, your joblist completely blows away any website sources (Monster.com, etc...) and/or online job opening companies. Since our industry is so specialized and esoteric, Edsjoblist fills the niche extremely well. I'm so very happy that my former co-workers recommended your joblist to me over one year ago. In return, I have told over a dozen people about your company and many of them have signed up for Edsjoblist. Most of these people have told me time-and-time again that they just love your joblist and depend on it to see what jobs are available for their skill-set. I must honestly say that your joblist gives me the ability to read the "Pulse" of the Life Science field and this is of paramount importance when considering a career move to a new company. Thank you again and kind regards, Jim H. *New Territory Account Manager Bioneer Inc. "

After taking the [ CRi - RTP area] ISS Inside Sales rep job 10 October 2010 Ron G. said
Hey Ed ..started the new job this week and very much looking forward to working at CRi.....I think the one thing that your site has going for it is that it is very specific to scientific sales and marketing positions and that the recruiters in this space also use it extensively. Almost everyone I have ever talked to who is either looking for people or looking for a scientific sales job uses the list. To me, it is very straightforward and tailored to my specific career interests.
I have looked at a few other sites (ie Monster, Hotjobs, etc) but they are so broad and all-encompassing that they really aren't very useful. Good luck keeping the Job List going! Ron G."

After taking the [ AAI Solutions - Bay area] ISS Inside Sales rep job 10 October 2010 April A. said
Hi Ed: I use yours and a few recruiters. I like yours because you do not base your recruiting on age, etc. and it goes with equal opp for everyone. There are some recruiters who will not work with anyone older than 55 and are also adjusting their criteria into the 40's only group. So, you have a definitive edge on most of these folks. I'll always turn to you and really sell your system. Hope you are doing well! April A.

After taking the [ BIONEER - MidWest] Sales rep job 15 November 2010 Stan L. said
Hi Ed, Thank you very much for your help. Your job list has plenty of "real" opportunities compared to other sites I've encountered. I think your list is the top dog amongst the players in the biotech sales and marketing field.
Hope all is well wherever you may be! Aleida sends her best too. Stan L.

After taking the [ PRIMORIGIN - MidWest-Chicago] Mfg rep job 19 November 2010 Scott K. said
Hi Ed, Thanks for the message. I actually have gotten two "commission-only" positions through your job list. I also have an agreement with Hudson Robotics that I found through your list. Because of the success I have had in getting representation agreements with these Companies, I have formed my own Manufacturer's Rep Company. I hope to add another Manufacturer, or two over the next few months. Thanks very much for your help. Best regards, Scott K"

After taking the [ QIAGEN - Boston Area] aales rep job 4 October 2010 Alex B. said
"Hi Ed, First - I would like to thank you because it was obviously because of your list that I got my new position. I also did follow your 2 Tips and I believe that helped the process along immensely. Thank you for the congratulations and kind wishes as well!
Honestly I don't think there is really even much of a comparison between your list and other jobsites. I have always hated Monster - and I had signed up for The Ladders but I never really tried it out during my job search. For somebody looking for a life science sales position I cannot really imagine a better resource then your list. I received notification of numerous relevant positions on a weekly basis. I don't think any other job sites can really compete with that.
Your site was really the only resource I used for my most recent job search and I really didn't feel the need for any others. Granted your list is only for the life science area - but if an individual is looking for a job in that area i think they would be hard pressed to find a better resource.
Thanks again - I am confident I would still be unhappy at my old position if it was not for your list. I wish you the best and I will continue to recommend your list to my friends and colleagues. I am certain I will continue to use your list in the future as well. Kind Regards, Alex B"

After taking the [ SIGMA - Bay Area] aales rep job 23 September 2010 John W. said
"Hi Ed, Thanks for your message. From what I can tell, your list is the most extensive one out there. I rarely heard about a job that was not on your list. Gave me peace of mind during my job search. Do you really live on a boat in San Diego? I went to UCSD so I'm pretty familiar with that area. Regards- John "

After taking the [ SILOAM BIOSCI ] Vice President, Commercial Operations job 22 September 2010 Randy D. said
" Ed Your list is simple and effective. Congrats on being the oracle of employment. All the best, Randy D. PhD MBA"

After taking the [ ZYOMIC Phoenix] sales rep job 1 September 2010 Carol T. said
"Hi Ed, Personally I REALLY like the way your job list is set up to send out announcements as they come available. It seems the jobs are mainly from recruiters. I like the fact that you have position, requirements and especially pay range. Most other job boards do not include that. Thanks, Carol"

After taking the [ SILOAM - SoCA] sales rep job 1 September 2010 David S. said
"Hi Ed, As for the Ed's job list, I could break it down.
I think for on-line research and "trends" in jobs, Biospace.com is a very good resource, but the response rate for job applications is perhaps 1%.
Monsterboard is a more general resource, not at all helpful for biotechnology; the response rate for that was perhaps 0.01%.
From my experience, the EdsJobList is 70x fold more useful and relevant for finding a job than these other resources. It yields jobs that are, 98% of the time, likely to be real (not just fishing by indecisive companies) and up to date, and the response rate I got from recruiters was about 70%, so I knew someone actually scrutinized my CV. AND the recruiters often offered helpful suggestions for re-focussing it to maximize my experience and sell me to that opportunity on paper. All the Best, David S"

After taking the [ ADVANCED RESEARCH TECH - Houston] sales rep job 31 August 2010 David A. said
"Hey Ed, I must say that your list was extremely helpful. I was able to get the EJL e-mail of recruiters in my area and I sent them an email to introduce myself and send my resume. I was a little bit more inflexible in my job selection. I wanted to stay in Houston. I believe that if I were more open to relocation then I could have found a job sooner. I was able to get three interviews with different companies through your website. Pretty amazing considering I was transitioning from purely academic to industry. Thanks for everything!
I would love to remain on the list just to have an idea of what's going on in the industry. See current trends in job candidate requirements and such. I appreciate it! David"

After taking the [ PHENIX - Dallas] sales rep job 9 August 2010 Chris L. said
"Hi Ed, Your job list is certainly the best place for anyone in our industry who is looking for a job change. Once I signed up on EJL I felt like I did minimal work as job postings were being sent to me directly. Within a month of signing up not only did I have interviews with several different companies, I received a job offer. I am recommending EJL to everyone I know in our field. Thanks Ed!"

After taking the [ CLONTECH - Tennessee ] sales rep job 23 August 2010 S.R.H. Ph.D said
"Thanks Ed! I've been on your list for a while now and would not have found this job without it. By having a 'tell all' email list, I probably would have excluded this job from my search so it's nice to see every job come through the mailbox. Regardless of the territory.
The frequency of emails is rather nice when one is looking for a job.
It's also really nice to measure the compensation for all job types and specialties.
I was the rare occasion when a trained chemist was applying for molecular biology jobs.....it gives me a lot of options to find the best fit and comp package. Go figure I get one of those molecular biology jobs....
Don't worry, I will always keep an eye on my inbox as well as help to distribute to potential candidates of my background.
Very respectively yours, S.R.H Ph.D

After taking the [ EPPENDORF - Alabama ] sales rep job 19 July 2010 Brittney M. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you! I believe your service is much more effective than standard job boards for a few reasons:
1) the format - each individual job (containing job title, location, compensation, etc) is sent directly to a subscriber's inbox, based on their job search preferences; as compared to other job boards where you search all jobs (and sometimes pages upon pages).
2) it puts motivated, career-oriented job seekers in direct contact with motivated, professional recruiters.
3) it allows job seekers to match their job search critieria specifically to jobs that are available, and thus be selective about the jobs they choose to apply for.
All of these attributes allow job seekers and job fillers (ie. recruiters, etc.) to be "individualized" (for lack of a better term), and match the appropriate person to the best job."Thanks again for your assistance, Brittney M

After taking the [ EMD - Bay Area] sales rep job 17 May 2010 Caleb S. said
"Hi Ed, I've gotten 2 jobs from EJL! In addition to the EMD job I just took I also secured a job with Sigma-Aldrich back in August 2006 through a posting on your list. Compared to other methods, I've found Ed's Job List to be the best option for new opportunities in the specific area of life science sales or applications positions. Thanks, Caleb S."

After taking the [ HAMILTON Robotics FAS Philly] job 26 April 2010 Amy A. said
"Hi Ed, I just wanted to write to let you know that I got a job through your Job List!! I will be working for Hamilton Robotics as a Field Application Specialist (Kandi Williams was the recruiter for the position -- she is great!!!)
I wanted to write you, in particular, to thank you for connecting me with so many great jobs in the Philadelphia area. I wouldn't have gone on half of the interviews I went on if it weren't for your business! Thank you again for everything!! Keep up the great work!! Best regards, Amy A. "

After taking the [LONZA Maryland] job 28 March 2010 Alex P. said
"Its great! It saved a lot of time by not having to look in a thousand different places, or for that matter look at all. I waited for you to send me the ops and I responded to the ones I thought would be good for me. Also i followed your advice and contacted all the different recruiters from all the emails and got calls from a number of them. I dont know how it is for other people, but about 90% of the openings that were presented in my geography were exactly what i was looking for.
Thanks!Alex "

After taking the [ SEPAX-TECH California] Sales rep job 16 March 2010 Katie F. said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for helping me find a new job at Sepax. I have had great success with your job list. It is a great place to find positions available in my area in the Biotechnology Industry. The best attributes of Ed's Job List is that it filters out Pharmaceutical Sales and gets you in contact with the appropriate hiring agent looking for your specific qualifications. I will definitely recommend your site to any fellow colleagues that are in the market for new job placement.
I noticed when I was looking at your profile that you were a commercial diver early in your career. I have worked as a dive master myself in Honduras. Thanks again for all your help!
Katie "

After taking the [ZYOMIC Oregon/Washington] job 15 Feb 2010 Dave E.. said
" Ed, Hey there "bro".. You helped me out quite a bit. I had ended up with several opportunities over the past year of unemployment through your website. In fact I was up for a sales position I had interviewed twice for, (they were being slow in deciding), when I had applied for this Zyomic opening simply because it had met the search criteria I had developed, (and as I had tourturously learned over the past year- don't count them chickens before they hatch!) ..and it ended up being the position I took over the other one! I had this site recommended to me from a colleague, and it ended up being perfect for the types of positions I was looking for. So a big Thank You!! for helping me get hired... David E."

After taking the [BIONEER Texas] job 15 Feb 2010 Susan S. said
"Hey Ed, Long time no see! I have to say the only productive interviews in the field came from your list. Most of the headhunters post on there anyway. There really isn't any other good resources since our industry is kind of unique and somewhat small...especially when selling Mol Bio reagents. I was even looking at potentially moving into other areas and found I had to wade through a lot of "junk" to find a good posting. Thanks for "the list" and any help, Susan S. "

After taking the [TACONIC FARMS] job 1 March 2010 C.Collete T. said
"Hi Ed, I am your success story. I start my new position on March 1, 2010. I signed up for Edsjoblist late October and I located my recruiter on November 2, 2010. I had my first phone interview on November 9, 2010. I signed my contact on February 15, 2010. I believe this is my dream position. Warm Regards,
C. Colette T. "

After taking the TA INSTRUMENT Salt Lake City - Field Application Scientist [Microcalorimetry] job 1 March 2010 Collete F.Q. said
" Ed, The recruiters and companies that post on your site are resposive - which is much different than the another site that I was also using to look for employment. Your site was recommended to me by someone in the industrial field and I would not have found it if it were not for her. This made me feel comfortable with the site because it was recommended to me by word of mouth. Best regards, Colette F.Q."

After taking the LICOR Nebraska [Product Mgr/Marketing] job 22 February 2010 Margaret D. said
"Ed, I am looking forward to the new position. Your list is really heavy on sales reps but it was okay for me it was okay as you seem to have a fair amount of Marketing positions too - I realize the turnover is much less for Marketing than sales. Your list DOES seem to be a list that many different recruiters use which is really good. I used several other lists but yours was the one where I actually had recruiters follow up with me after my initial inquiry. Thanks and take care! Margaret D. "

After taking the CARESTREAM Massachusetts Field Appl Scientist job 18 January 2010 Andrew V.P. said
"Hi Ed, Your joblist ROCKS!! Your have assembled an A-list of 46 recruiters and HR staff with access to excellent biotech sales, management and FAS opportunities that are simply not out there on the major job board engines like Monster and Indeed. Prior to hooking up with your joblist, I had spent several months looking for a good fitting FAS opportunity on the major job boards and found very little of interest. When I started receiving your joblist, I was blown away by the high number of on-target, exciting FAS positions listed. And the response rate and great feedback that I received from interested recruiters was amazing. In the span of just over one month--from Nov. 23rd of 2009 to December 31st of 2009--I had not only had a great set of conversations with recruiters and phone interviews with hiring managers, I had also landed a perfect FAS position with Carestream Health, Inc. Thank you!! Your joblist is an invaluable job hunting resource! All the Best, Andrew V.P."

After taking the AMG [Advanced Micro] SouthEast Territory sales rep job 30 November 2009 Brian G. said
"Dear Ed Thanks for all of your help. I was also surprised to find the sort of position that would challenge me and have the sort of products I would like to represent. I enjoyed meeting all of the people at AMG being a smaller company its nice to have the opportunity to make a real difference and not just be a number. Your service is probably one of the best things I have ever used as there are real people behind the vacancy's all known to you. As it is by invitation only the recruiters take applications seriously and more info is given than normal that also allows a better idea to the candidate if they are qualified for the position or not. It must be a great feeling to assist others in this way so many people spend do so little to help others and the sense of satisfaction you must get knowing you have really helped shape a strangers life for the better with little reward apart from a thank you letter like this. For my part, myself and my wife would like to personally thank you and maybe one day I will get the chance to buy you a drink for all your efforts. I'm looking forward to working with the team at AMG and will keep you posted on how things go. I hope I never need to use you services again but if I do you will be my first port of call. Many thanks Brian G."

After taking the AFFYMETRIX job 1 November 2009 Kaysha D. said
"Hi Ed-Thanks for the email. I just wanted to say that your website is the absolute best for sales professionals. It has been infinitely more helpful to me than Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. I appreciate receiving the targeted emails based on search criteria that I select. I have highly recommended your site to others already in sales and those looking to break into sales. I really cannot say enough good things! All the best- Kaysha D. "

After taking the LONZA Bay Area rep job 1 October 2009 Tiffany W. said
"Ed, I have to say that your job list has always been the first place that I look. It does get frustrating at times because you are dealing with the same bucket of recruiters, which is what I found. I don't have an undergrad in biology so no matter how many jobs that came across and how many times I sent my resume to recruiters and followed up with calls, my credentials weren't what the company wanted - That is until I met with your recruiters Gary and Steve Wydman. I did use other websites, but your list was very targeted to what I was looking for. Thank you for keeping this going! Tiffany W.P."

After taking the Boston CLONTECH rep job 16 October 2009 Justin W. said
"Hi Ed: It's great, actually. I don't see the jobs you have posted in many other places, and it's really nice seeing what's available across the board with relo available. I wouldn't have thought to look elsewhere in my job search, but having those and knowing they're available is good. I've used basically the company sites that are around me, and that's worked fairly well, but your list provides significant exposure to so many more recruiters that you can simply expand your network by just being on the list. Having 5 recruiters look for jobs for your is better than doing it yourself! "

After taking the Mid-Atlantic PHENIX RESEARCH Key Sales Acct Rep[Genomics/Automation] job 18 August 2009 Richard C. said
"Hi Ed, Your list has been a welcome modernization of the entire job search process. In my case, the hiring managers used your list themselves. I also talked to recruiters who used your list as part of their job search for their clients. Either way, it cuts way down on the wasted time. No point in wasting my time and a recruiter's time on jobs I would not consider. - Richard C. "

After taking the THERMO-FISHER Chicago Area Territory Manager [LifeScience Specialist] job on 14 September 2009 Ryan A said
"Hi Ed, Thanks for having such a useful job website. For scientific and biotech jobs, I wouldn't recommend any website over yours. You truly bring job seekers together with prospective companies. I wouldn't of had the same success on my own. I also recommend your site to all of my colleagues. Thanks again, Ryan A. "

After taking a GYROS [ N'Engl/E.Canada] Regional Sales Rep[LifeSci] job 11 August 2009 Lisa W.. said
"Hi Ed I love your edsjoblist because you have focused on the biotechnology industry. I did not use any other method in my job search, other than monster.com once. I did not post my resume anywhere.
I like your list because you put details like the compensation and enough job detail to assess whether it's of interest and relevant to my background. Also I know the postings are current.
thanks again! Lisa"

After taking the SILICONE KINETICS San Diego Consulting job in Mid 2009 Ron D. said
"Hi Ed, Your job list is effective because its design is both simple and informative. Placing the job title in the e-mail subject line is the best design you could have utilized, IMHO. The jobs you do forward are quite relevant, a drawback of other services which seem to loosely tie positions to job seeker profiles and requirements. Thanks for the service you provide. I hope to see you again at some of the conferences. Best regards, Ron D "

After taking a BIOCHROM-US Tech sales rep job on 29 June 2009 Tracey H. said
"Hello Ed, I would like to thank you for your ability to put this together! Without it, chances are I would still be searching. By far, this is the best job search mechanism I have seen. It's specific to our industry, therefore you eliminate a lot of wasteful time. It puts you in contact with multiple recruiters as opposed to one or two. The job descriptions (territory, salary, responsibility) are, for the most part, dead on. I've advised others, including recruiters, to join edsjoblist. Once again, thank you for putting this together and acknowledging my new position. Best, Anthony B. Technical Sales Representative Biochrom-US (damn that feels good to say) "

After taking a GILSON Tech Sales Rep job [ New Jersey / MidAtlantic ] on 20 July 2009 Rob E. said
"Hi Ed! I would say your joblist is FAR more simple than Monster.com, or any other job board out there. To be blunt: I EASILY subscribed to your list, received emails for a few months, answered a couple, and landed a job! How easy is that? I didn't have to upload my resume, start an account, or a "profile", just to receive ads for go-nowhere jobs that are completely irrelevant to me professionally. Your joblist is by far the easiest and certainly the most effective joblist I have ever encountered. THANKS ED!! Regards, Rob E. "

After taking a CRi inside sales rep job [Boston ] on 1 July 2009 Jason E. said
"Hello Ed- I'm very excited about my new CRi position! It's an ideal fit for my background and career interests. Your jobs list is an outstanding tool for finding specific positions in the life sciences. I had been job searching on and off for much longer than the last 14 months, and I can tell you that there is no better tool that I have used. I would have never connected with [EJL Recruiter] Steve Payne and found out about the CRi position without your job list. Thank you! Jason E. "

After taking a job [not from EJL] in her 'OPT-OUT' messages DOREEN said
"Hi Ed, I now have a position (not from Ed's Job list) after ~ 6 months of interviewing. I do believe your list kept me going and kept the saw sharpened for interviews. I interviewed with 10 companies, 3 flights, ~35 interviews, and 3 offers. My advice is, don't give up and keep going! It is a difficult time, just realize it will take some patience and perseverance. I am thrilled with my new position, new car, and started day one in California at a sales meeting! Thanks for your service! So I am one less, searching, which should open positions for others. Good Luck to everyone interviewing! Thanks Ed! Doreen "

This 'optout' message received 2 July 2009 from Michela H. said
"Dear Ed, During my most recent job search your list was brought to my attention by a colleague in the Biotech Industry. I found it to be a valuable tool in my search, and while it wasn't directly responsible for the position I found, it opened up many pathways and offered myriad opportunities. Should I find myself in the hunt again (and in this economy, that could be sooner rather than later) I will most definitely ask to again receive your job postings. Warm regards, Michela H. "

After taking a TECHNE Regional Sales rep job [West Coast ] on 8 June 2009 Ahmad R. said
"Ed, Thank You. And I have to say that your list is the most well known resource out there- it's the best. Thanks again. Kindest Regards, Ahmad R. "

After taking the Greiner BioOne Job on 5 May 2008 Francesca C said
"Hi Ed!! your joblist ROCKS. Actually, the only method I used to search for my new position was your list - Greiner was actually the only company I applied to, and I saw that from your list. I DO have other friends currently looking for jobs, and they've been using jobs.net, careertrack, monster, and other big engines, and I can't say that they've had much success. I really think that the fact that your list is referral only, and because it's geared towards serious job searchers that don't blitz their resumes to everyone in cyberspace, people really take your listings and resulting applications seriously. Keep up the amazing work, ed. You've got something really great here. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact me again! Sincerely, Francesca C"

After taking the Aperio Job on 14 April 2008 Scott W. said
"Hi Ed, Would you please remove me from your distribution list? Through your network I was able to find a fantastic job as sales manager in digital imaging, working through [recruiter] Matt Takahashi of Executive Biosearch.I can't thank you enough! What you do is the closest thing we have to a union, in keeping management on their toes. Don't ever stop! Keep up the great work. Scott W."

After taking the BD/GeneOhm Job [Philly] on 20 March 2008 Cindy T said
"Hi Ed, Thanks to your joblist, I'm now employed after only 3 months of looking. Your list sent me jobs specifically for FAS and technical sales. I also used monster and careerbuilder but the jobs were not as specific and many of the jobs on your list were never posted there. Keep up the great work! Cindy T."

After taking the bioMerieux [BAY] in Mid January 2008 Kevin W said
"Hi Ed, Thank you for the email. I am very happy about my new position with bioMerieux. I always speak very highly about your job list. The amount of quality positions available to someone seeking employment in the biotech/biopharma industries is unmatched. I did have success with other sites, such as the sales ladder, but it was your site that I was consistently working and able to complete the job search. Thank you. Have a great year. Best Regards, Kevin W"

After taking the BioMerieux job [Chicago] early January 2008 Brian W said
"Biotech sales/marketing/management jobs are very difficult to locate on job boards such as Monster. Your list is great because the jobs are very targeted and are mailed directly to you so you can review them at your convenience. Additionally, most of the positions are posted by recruiters so they have a vested interest in getting you hired. Thanks again! Brian W"

After taking the Applied Biosystems job [PNW] about 3 January 2008 Mark R. said
"Thanks Ed, and I think your joblist is the BEST out there. Since I was job hunting for over 9 months I sampled lots of joblists, recruiters and corporate websites. Your joblist was the most appropriate for the biosciences sales and marketing and covered a large enough geography to finally make my search a success. Thanks for putting together such a valuable resource. Mark R"

After taking the BioMerieux job [NoCA] end of December 2007 Kendra S said
"I am excited about working with BioMerieux. The position is the perfect marriage between business and science. I have been in a lab for 15 years, just completed my PhD, but knew I wanted to get into business. I am nearly complete with an MBA, but was having trouble getting a job (b/c lack of sales experience or education level too high-whatever!). I was nearly six months into my job search when I joined edsjoblist. It just took me a few weeks before I got the BioMerieux position! Previous to that, I had been applying directly to the company via careerbuilder or biocom.org. I joined a few other job lists, but none were worth my time (they were too small, difficult to navigate through, and didn't send many jobs). Edsjoblist is my favorite b/c it puts you in direct contact with a recruiter or HR representative. Careerbuilder and biocom are hubs for companies to put their job listings, but you still have to fill out an online application and may never get any human interaction, let alone feedback. Even though I might fit a job description to a "T", I may never get a response when applying to links on careerbuilder or biocom. Very frustrating!
I like your job listing the best b/c I didn't have to fill out a long drawn out survey or post my resume to be considered for positions. I find the more info I have to give, the more restrictive the job listings. Other listings prefer to match you with jobs according to your resume. I prefer to tailor my resume to the job and not visa versa. I find your list quite comprehensive and like that I continuously get listings. If there was one recommendation for improvement, I would say to include the edsjoblist info after the actual job description. This is a bit tedious if I am getting my email from my phone. EDSJOBLIST is the best job listing out there. I like that it comes directly to my inbox and I don't have to go to another site to see the listing. Plus, I get a list of recruiters I can contact even if I don't match the current job description. It's a great resource! I have talked to several recruiters in my jobsearch. I wish you continued success and growth in your job listing services and would use it in a heartbeat in the future to find the perfect position. Thank you so much for edsjoblist!!!! Please feel free to contact me any time. Best Regards, Kendra S Ph.D."

After taking the Advaltyx/Olympus [NorthEast] 3 December 2007 Grant H said
"Hi Ed - I love your joblist! It it the best resource for this industry. All quality jobs and none of the garbage you may get from other job search resources. Everyone I have spoken to about your joblist has heard about it through word of mouth. You have a really great network - please keep it up! Thank you for this service. My new position with Advalytix is an awesome job. I owe you one. Thanks again. Best Regards, Grant"

After taking the Harlan rep job [MidWest] late November 2007 Paul B said
"Thanks Ed…….nice work. I’m telling everybody about your list – there is nothing even close out there. Paul B"

After taking the KPL job [NorthEast] 5 November 2007 Heather B said
"Hey Ed. Your job list is the most comprehensive and best for our industry. It caters to the life science sales rep and FAS. It is much easier than going through other job websites that list a zillion types of positions for different industries. I wish I had known about it when I was trying to get into life science sales.. Thanks so much. If I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. Heather"

After taking the REES SCIENTIFIC job [PNW] late November 2007 David K said
"Ed – I’ve only been in this industry for a short time, but since I was looking around for about 6 months I used many different resources, and your list was BY FAR the most specific to what I was looking for and many of the openings were relevant. In short, it was easily at the top of my list in terms of job lists for this field. Hands down. Thanks! David K."

After taking the BioRad - [RTP/NC] 8 October 2007 Anthony M said
"Hi Ed, Everything is going great at Biorad. just so you know too I relocated to raleigh, nc from new york so this has been great for me. As far as the email list goes, this has been awesome for me. It is the best source of jobs I have found. I have many interviews from using this and it has put me in touch with many recruiters. Let me know if you have more questions. Thank you. Anthony"

After taking the LEICA - [Maryland] Sales job job 19 September 2007 Kelly R said
"Hi Ed: Thanks for the help your website service provided. It is much more relevant to job seekers than any other joblist I used, especially Monster or CareerBuilders. They were pretty much useless. I would definitely use Edsjoblist again and have and will continue to recommend it to others. K R"

After taking the Restek [HPLC-GC] - [SoCA] Sales job [BAY] job 1 September 2007 Young said
"Thanks Ed! I've dived right into the job and loving it. Your website is the best means of getting job leads I've had, except word of mouth. But no one can ever beat that. Keep up the good work, and let me know if you'd like me to spread the word! Take care, YY"

After taking a MesoScale FAS [BAY] job 15 August 2007 Caroline said
"Hi Ed I wanted to let you know that I got a job "indirectly" from one of your e-mails. I responded to a sales position job and didn't like that job so the recruiter [Denise Carr] offered me another option, not yet advertised.
Anyhow, wanted to say thanks! I unfortunately did not save the original e-mail. It's an application scientist position in MD/VA/DC area. Thank you for maintaining the site, I got a job in two weeks! Warm Regards, Caroline"

After taking Roche [New England] job 23 July 2007 Duncan T. said
"Hi Ed--I think that Ed's Job List was the major force in getting me hired. I made multiple applications per week, and so was able to evolve my curriculum vitae (10 pages) into a two page job finding resume machine! The constant stream of listings you emailed to me were a morale booster. Interesting to note that I sent [recruiter] Denise Carr my resume for a different position than the one I actually got (with Roche). She matched us up and a hit was scored! I got nibbles from other recruiters as well. Best! D T"

After taking VPSci job 9 July 2007 Abel G said
"Thanks a lot Ed! There is definitely no comparison between your service and the traditional job postings search on the web. After a while I stopped looking all together online and just relied on your email postings. Almost all the leads I got were from your list! Thanks a bunch and good luck to you! Abel "

After taking CLP job 11 June 2007 J A F said
"Ed, Thank you. Your job list has been very helpful not only in procuring my position with CLP but those of friends as well. This sight is very specific and I appreciate that. It is filled with quality recruiters who are knowledgeable in my specific field and work very hard to make solid placements. I have recommended this sight to many of my friends as it has a proven track record, great job prospects, and it is a great place to network. Thank you for your help in furthering my career. J A F"

After taking EPPENDORF [BAY area] job 4 June 2007 Yolanda P. said
"Ed, Hi, thank you! I am really excited about my new position with Eppendorf USA. Your job list is very thorough giving exact details of the job description. Also, because you advertise for a specific type of position such as medical equipment, laboratory equipment, or pharma, the sales representatives can easily decide whether or not the job is worth applying for. Searching on other job sites is truly a nightmare. I think you could honestly start your own "Monster" site for science related sales positions and really motivate more individuals to find their new position. I have actually recommended your site to many people. Thank you, Yolanda"

After taking VISCOTEK [Western States] job 21 May 2007. Russ D. said
"Ed, Your service definitely turns up postings that I haven't seen anywhere else. I've worked with three recruiters that I met through your service- Mitch Giese, Mark Brubaugh, and another whose name I can't remember in this moment. It seemed they all had prior relationships with the hiring managers. It also seemed like the faster I responded, the better my chances of being contacted. This is a career change for me, so your service was a bit of a secret that I only heard about through networking with people already in Biotech sales. I never would have found it otherwise. I think my resumes probably rarely got past the un-informed gatekeepers with other services. Russ"

After taking LiCOR [PNW] job 19 March 2007. Ken D. said
"Hi Ed, Your job list was the best for finding sales and FAS positions in the Pacific Northwest. Most other avenues (wabio.com or direct contacts) weren't as consistently rich in information as the daily postings you sent me were. I did use your recruiter contact information to follow up, but usually if they had something it was already posted through you. Thanks for setting this up for everyone. Nothing compares. Ken"

After taking the BTF (Australian Company} Midwest - Business Development Manager job 13 March 2007 Darrin H said
"Ed, Your e-mail list is an excellent way to receive job postings. Specifically because it avoids the primary weakness of Monster, CareerBuilder, Yahoo Hotjobs, etc., which is having to wade through countless jobs that aren't relevant to one's search. The list is well targeted for my job search. The majority of jobs were worth taking a look at regardless of what issue (such as location, etc.) might rule them out in the final analysis. For what it's worth, I do have a suggestion to consider - a perspective employer may see the format of the outgoing e-mails as a bit busy on first read. That was my humble first impression - it certainly wasn't an issue for me and I doubt it would stop other job seekers from subscribing. However, it might give your customers - the job posters, reason for pause. If they continue and read enough job postings, they'll note the many reputable companies that list with you & gain confidence in the value of your list.... Just a thought. I think your service has found a good niche in the job search / recruitment market. It can help control a company's recruiting costs as well as help recruiters gain broader coverage cost-effectively. Anywho, thanks for your service. Darrin"

After taking the RAININ [Maryland} job 9 March 2007 Jessica O said
"Ed, Sorry for the delayed response, transitioning between jobs has been a little hectic for me as Rainin wanted me to start ASAP. I'm actually out in Oakland for training right now. In terms of how your list stacks up, I think it was the best resource for me. I went to individual company web sites, I went to Monster.com and I had your list. I even tried a couple of other sales jobs web sites, but they weren't focused on the lab industry. I had to sift through a long list of pharma rep jobs, which I'm not really interested in. So for the industry you are going for, this was by far the best resource I had (and know of) I tell people about it all the time. I really like my new job, so thanks again! Jessica"

After taking the ''CAMBREX'' - Boston - Business Development Manager job.. January 2007 Gerry G. said
"Ed, My goal was to utilize my skills in a different industry. I had spent 20 years in the clinical hospital market. I had experience with molecular technologies. I always utilized recruiters in the clinical market. Ed's job list broadened the market in the industrial area. Monster.com more pharma related .Ed's Job List gave me a short & concise job description with financial information. The description fit exactly what I was looking for and the financial compensation was true. Not having lots of time to sit at a computer and having the jobs automatically mailed every day was in my opinion "outstanding". Perhaps the job description could be better organized on the e-mail I had to scroll to the bottom most times. It was worth it.
Recruiters want to plug you into the same job with a different company. Ed's Job List allowed me to look beyond the current industry to see where the technologies were being utilized. Newspaper position did not give enough information and there was a fire wall on the other end.
My experience was very positive , direct , and fast turn around. One other comment- when jobs were not coming through the e-mail your response was immediate to help me and get mail back on track. I was impressed. Sincerely, Gerry"

After taking the CELLESTIS (Chicago) job in Nov 2006 .. Jonathan M. said
"''Hey Ed, When I was job searching, I just had my resume on several sites - Monster, Hotjobs, Careerbuilder but nothing really gave me the right opportunity that I was looking for. A friend of mine referred me to your site and I signed up. I started receiving e-mail a couple of days after signing up and all the positions were very interesting and in the field that I was looking. I was able to find a job within a couple of weeks of signing up. I actually have referred a number of people to your site since they all were interested on how I was able to land my current job."

After taking the Molecular Devices job in March 2006... Joe A. said
"Yes I've taken the MolDev job covering, Texas and the southern area, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas. I was part of your list while I was at Qiagen but signed up using my personal email on the 13th. I have been getting your e-mails for 6 or 8 months at least. I love reading about what is out there! And, it was really handy once I really needed the networking!!! Thanks Ed! Joe"

After taking the BioMicro job in late March 2006, Ted H. said
"I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be a Sales rep for BioMicro. The company makes products for microarray hybridisation. Your ad was Sales Rep Position (Eds JOB List #2005-179). I look forward to travelling around, meeting scientists and representing the company at trade shows. Thanks alot for your service! I have been on your email list for about 5 months. Each one of your leads is a genuine job, unlike the garbage one gets from Monster, Craigslist, Hotjobs and other more public jobsearch services."

After taking the ''Biacore'' job last week of May 2006... Melissa L. said
"Ed, I just wanted to let you know that I got this [''Eds JOB List #2006-48''] job and originally applied for it through your site. There are a lot of jobs out there, more than i realized and most I don't even see on company websites or anywhere else. It really helps out those that are looking. so I really think your emails are extremely valuable!! My friends who also joined think so too. and it is great that you are helping us all. anyway, thanks once again. I do appreciate the site a lot. All the best to you. Melissa"

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